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About Clearcut

Create your events and start earning in three easy steps.

Free to use

It's always free to post and run events if you're not charging for tickets.

Create event pages

In just a few clicks, setup a beautiful event page with pictures, video and your business profile.

Personalized branding

Your event. Your brand. Your community. ClearCut lets you make your event pages look like they’re a part of your own site!

Connect with your community

Reach out to your community through personalized groups and social networking features.

Publish to social media

Generate custom links and QR codes that can be easily placed anywhere, online or offline.

Multilanguage Support

ClearCut makes it simple for both local and international attendees to learn about your event and easily purchase tickets.

Sell tickets on your website

Integrate your own stylized tickets and shopping cart directly into your website.

Make money in RMB and USD

ClearCut supports international and Chinese payment methods to support your diverse community.

Withdraw to any bank account

Collect money from anywhere. Send money anywhere. 5-working days after the event, your money is available for withdrawal.

Payment Methods

We support international and Chinese payment methods.

WeChat Pay AliPay UnionPay Visa Mastercard American Express

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Industry standard pricing and no hidden costs

RMB Price

3% Per Ticket

If the ticket is 200 RMB: AliPay, TenPay and China UnionPay take 1%, TryClearCut's service fee is 2%.

USD Price

5.5% + $0.99Per Ticket

If the ticket is $50: PayPal and Visa takes 3% plus $0.30, TryClearCut's fee is only 2.5% plus $0.69.

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