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Join DreamWeaver Productions And The DeTao School of Design on the most fated journey of all a passenger on Ship of Dreams-The TITANIC EXPERIENCE


DreamWeaver will transform an actual passenger ship into the fated multi-leveled steamship in order to give our passengers the most realistic and interactive experience ever attempted. This is "Sleep No More"...on a real ship!


After booking your ticket, you will receive a special package of vital clues, information, your evening passport, and "Titanic Bucks" in order to use as you see fit. Win more and use to your advantage, or lose it all in the name of love...From Aristocrat to rambling artiste to crew member to 3rd class passenger--you decide your fate...will you survive?



你是一个波西米亚人...一个准备好在海边寻找冒险的艺术家! 随着你的天赋被安全的带走,或者在正确的时间被展示,你发现自己被卷进了古老的神秘巨轮之中。 你会见证你从来没有想到的阴谋! 在不同社会阶层之间自由穿梭,从富人阶层到亡命之徒。 为了生存你会怎么做? (免费饮料供应)

You are a artiste ready to seek adventure across the sea! With your talents packed safely away, or carefully revealed when the time is right, you find yourself involved in some of the more seedy mysterious levels of the ship. You will witness intrigues you never imagined! Flow freely between the classes from the very wealthy to the criminally desperate. What are you willing to do to survive? FREE FLOW DRINKS INCLUDED. 880rmb




船上最受尊敬和最有负责感的人。 旅途中没有其他旅客的地方可以进入。 在房间里,当有关船舶及其丰富多彩的人物等各种线索被揭示,贿赂和被需要您才能和服务的客人贿赂。 如果你幸存下来,就可以变得富有!The most well respected and responsible people on the ship. You will have access to places like no other travellers on the journey. Be in the room when various clues about the ship and its colorful characters are revealed, bribe and be bribed by guests that need your very specific services and talents. You could make it rich....if you survive! 680rmb




身无分文的你已经踏上这个航程来实现你的美国梦! 凭借你的个人直觉,以你自己的方式操纵顶级的船只。 或者你可以尝试在下面的机会中赢得你的财富。 遇见对的人,你的命运可能会使你飙升到星际,亦或走错一步,留在船上亲眼目睹那些不可避免的命运...

With little to no money, you have set out on this voyage to reach your American dream! By using your instincts alone, you can maneuver your way to the top levels of the ship. OR you could try to win your fortune in a game of chance down below. Meet the right people and your destiny could skyrocket you to the stars...or make a false move and find yourself left onboard to witness the inevitable fate of so many...680 rmb.


The Titanic Experience will open in November 2017. We anticipate sold out crowds. Be sure to reserve your ticket will be the ride of your life!

When and Where

 November 1, 2017 at 7:00 PM


 November 25, 2017 at 11:00 PM

 Huangpu, Opposite The Bund, Pudong