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Do you know that we spend 60% of our life working?

And yet a study says that 80% of people that don’t like their jobs.

How many of us have been asking ourselves questions like:

What am I doing? 

What’s the meaning of my work? 

What difference do I make? 

Am I useful? Do I contribute to anything important

Today a silent crisis is happening worldwide. People are lacking of meaning in their lives and careers.

Purpose is a fundamental aspect of life because it led us to our true calling, to our reason for being. This is the magical ingredient that moves us toward the things that make us feel alive, transcend us, make us grow and evolve in a meaningful way, for us and others. 

A strong sense of purpose is also a compass for organizations. It leads toward better decisions, toward more impact; it brings empathy and utility at the heart of an organization mission while giving meaning to the employees or the different stakeholders.

Purpose leads to meaning & Impact

The question is How do we Find Our Purpose? Surprisingly that’s not part of the things that are been taught at school! We are not being given the keys to engage in a purpose-driven life!

It’s time to challenge the status quo and get on a purposeful journey that will change your life! 

Join us on this journey for 5 sessions, over 3 weeks, as we will discuss :

What is a life purpose? Why do we need a purpose?

How do we switch our mindset toward a purpose-driven mode?

How do we start a journey to become our authentic self?

How do we let go of the fears and limiting beliefs?

How to plan our way toward our goals?

How to use our purpose to drive us toward a meaningful career?

And more! 

The program will be a mix of discussions, workshops and hands on activities! 

Beyond the learning experience, you will spend those 3 weeks with a group of people aiming toward the same direction and create an awesome supportive tribe of like-minded people!


The sessions will be hosted on Tuesday and Saturday from August 6th to August 20th

Week 1: 

Tuesday 6th: Session 1 « Elements of Purpose »

Saturday 10th of August: Session 2 « The authentic self » 

Week 2: 

Tuesday 13th : Session 3 « Fears & Beliefs »

Saturday 17th: Session 4 « Plan & Prepare » 

Week 3: 

Tuesday 20th: Session 5 « Unlock confidence »


We Work Dalian

1F, Building D, 500 Dalian Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai 

(Changyang Lu, near Jinzhou Lu)

Commit to a journey of purpose and meaning!

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Sales have concluded

When and Where

 August 6, 2019 at 7:00 PM


 August 20, 2019 at 9:00 PM

 Shanghai, China