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Looking to new institutional models: China's cultural landscape by mid-century 


Museum 2050 is a Shanghai-based platform for investigating key issues about the future of cultural institutions in China and abroad from a local perspective. Additionally, Museum 2050 has a distinct focus on being a resource for young people from all over China, many of whom largely work and inhabit these institutions, as well as providing a place to converse, share ideas and create a vibrant museum community. With a focus on the date 2050, the platform hopes to evolve into a lasting forum in which the questions raised can be further explored over the coming years. As part of our mission, Museum 2050 is hosting a symposium, Looking to new institutional models: China’s cultural landscape by mid-century, at the Long Museum, Shanghai on June 9, 2018.  

“美术馆2050”是一个位于上海的交流平台,我们从微观的角度探讨国内外文化机构之未来。我们有一个明确的目标,既是为中国各地从事美术馆行业的年轻人提供一个交流的平台,通过分享想法创建一个充满活力的美术馆群体。论坛将2050年定为焦点,寄希望于平台的持久性,期待在未来几年中可以进一步探讨提出的问题。 作为我们使命的一部分,美术馆2050将于2018年6月9-10日在上海龙美术馆举办“展望新机构模式:中世纪中叶的中国文化景观”研讨会。

In this inaugural symposium, we seek to critically examine the diverse museum practices in both official and private domains of the Greater China Region. Speakers will investigate how institutional frameworks are fostered by the unique social and cultural dynamics at play. In doing so, we hope to bring forth discussions to challenge the existing models through which China’s cultural development has been considered. By looking at the intersection of these various threads, we seek to reveal the unique audience experience that is emerging in China, offering a particular focus on the complex cultural and temporal dimensions of museum-going and its relationship to sociality and contemplation.


10am Opening Remarks 开幕致辞

10:15 Keynote Address 主题演讲

Erlend Høyersten, Director of ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum ARoS奥胡斯美术馆馆长

The Museum As A Mental Fitness Center  博物馆,一个精神建设中心

10:45 Chao Yan 

The Websites and Online Communities of Chinese Contemporary Art Museums in 2050: Digitalizing, Programming and Positioning《2050年中国现当代美术馆网站与网络社群:数字化,项目策划与定位》

11:00 Yuan Fang
Old Masters, New Frontiers 《欧洲古典艺术与新前沿》

11:15 Holly Roussell 
Inside and Outside the Institution: Musealization of art and exhibitions in China《机构内外:中国艺术和展览的博物馆化》

11:30 Robert B. Epp
Collector Beware: Museum Development in China and the Problem of Counterfeit Cultural Relics《当代收藏家:中国博物馆的发展与伪造文物问题》

11:45 Chen Wenjia
Art and Museums under the influence of Social Media《社交媒体影响下的艺术和博物馆》

12:00 Les Joynes
FormLAB: Artist-led Practices that Transform the Museum《FormLAB:改变博物馆的艺术家主导实践》

12:30 - 1:30 Open Floor for Questions 问答环节

2:30  Keynote Address 主题演讲

Philip Tinari, Director of Ullens Center of Contemporary Art 田霏宇,尤伦斯当代艺术中心馆长

3:00 Ying Tian
Reconsidering the creative city concept in the Asia context: From creative city to creative district《重新审视亚洲背景下的创意城市理念:从创意城市到创意区域》

3:15 Barclay Bram 
The Museum as Sacred Space: The Jianchuan Museum Cluster and the future of the Chinese Museum《博物馆的神圣空间:建川博物馆群和中国博物馆的未来》

3:30 Nuo Lin
Art in the Urban Regeneration: Private Art Museum of Real Estate Development in China《城市更新中的艺术力量:地产开发驱动下的中国美术馆现象》

3:45 Daan Roggeveen
The Art Mall: The Department Store Turned Inside Out《博物馆融合:融合中国建筑与文化》

4:00 Alexandra van Riel
The Chinese Museum of the Future: Learning from the Guggenheim's Responses to International Interest and the Changing Exhibitionary Landscape《未来的中国博物馆:研究古根海姆对国际利益和不断变化的展览景观的回应》

4:15 Giulia Zennaro
What's in a Name? How China's Regulative Institutions are Shaping Private Art Museums: Insights from the Shanghai West Bund Cultural Corridor《名称中包含什么内容?中国监管机构如何塑造私人美术馆:上海西外滩文化长廊的启示》

4:30-5:30 Open Floor for Questions 问答环节


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When and Where

 June 9, 2018 at 10:00 AM


 June 9, 2018 at 6:00 PM

 龙美术馆 (西岸)Long Museum (West Bund)

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