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What is BlackEXPO?

BlackEXPO was born out of a simple desire; to illuminate the positive contributions of the community here in Beijing.

More than just a market, BlackEXPO is a lit cultural experience placing the spotlight on the community and businesses, services, and talents therein. Open to the entire Beijing community, BlackEXPO is a unique opportunity to further shape the Black narrative here in China and in the world at large.

You Don't Want to Miss This

Why come to BlackEXPO? Other than supporting the community, it is a chance to discover your new favorite artists, creatives, find that next head turning outfit or accessory, taste the flavors of the world and simply make new friends with people from all over the world. You just might find that one new thing or service that you had no idea you needed, but after BlackEXPO you wont be able to live without. 

So come out and join us as we do something that Beijing has never seen before. We can't wait to show you what we have in store. 


BlackEXPO Information

When: Saturday, March 31, 2018

Where: 北京市东城区内务部街27号, Chaoyangmen Cultural Center: Neiwubu Jie 27, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 27 Courtyard, Line 5 - Dongshikou

Time: 12pm – 6pm

Vendors include:

A. Authors/ books and ARTISTS

  • Olivia Nadine - author
  • Mikka Kabugo - artist
  • SOVEMBA – artwork 
  • Tyson – poet
  • Kassy -author


  • Bobar – bubble tea
  • Halo hummus - hummus
  • Cheers Wine - wine
  • Suga Mama Bakery- cupcakes
  • Habesha Coffee - coffee


  • Tiara’s corner- African Tie and Dye Fabrics.
  • Ernique Jewelry –hand crafter metal jewelry
  • Chariots Handmaydz. - Jewelry, Scarfs, Bags and Small African art sculptures.
  • Shanghai Garnitrust Business consultant- West African goods
  •  Lovina Accessories - Handmade crochet accessories
  • Infunity –Fashion clothing
  • Nandi Re LLC. – Custom crafts
  • Nani’s Creations - Afro-inspired jewellery and accessories.
  • FON Handcrafted candles – Multifunction candles
  • Soap Fresh, So Clean – all natural, handmade soap
  • SistaSista INT – Beauty and Fashion
  • Nuobelle – hair care products
  • Bash Corni – Fashion
  • Carpe Diem – Baby clothing
  • Beijing Beiao  International Culture Exchange Co,LTD. - crafts


  • Event Couture - Event styling and marketing start *
  • OPOPO. - Online magazine
  • Bgreenie - Waste Management Company.
  • Thrive - Online Magazine.
  • Carnisa Berry – Life Coach
  • Mind Body Yoga with Uchechi- Yoga
  • JINDAFIT - African Dance class


BlackEXPO Workshops!

We are excited to announce that we will feature two excellent workshops: Mind Body Yoga with Uchechi and Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching


Mind Body Yoga with Uchechi - SOLD OUT

  • 1:30 - 2:45 pm
  • 4 - 5:15 pm 

The workshops are free with a suggested donation of 50 rmb. Please register by March 30th to secure your spot. 

At Black Expo, Uchechi's beginner-friendly yoga class will focus on building balance, strength, and flexibility - the core tenants of any yoga practice. We'll also reflect on the history of modern yoga, and learn how yoga was actually designed to help people of color heal, fight oppression, and connect with a deeper spiritual power. 

About the teacher:
Uchechi Kalu started practicing yoga at age 14,  after looking for an outlet to expend restless teenage angst. Now older and wiser, and having studied with impactful teachers, she appreciates the depths of this ancient Indian spiritual practice. As a yoga teacher, Uchechi aims to share what she's learned with other people of color. 

You can find her teaching every Tuesday evening and Sunday morning with the Mind Body Project at Project Pengyou in Gulou.


Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching

  • 3-3:35pm 
  • 5:30 - 6:05pm 

Though short, these sessions are sure to leave you invigorated and inspired to take on the challenges that lay ahead. If you've ever been a Berry Thoughtful event before, you know the great value in the pre-sale price. If you haven't been able to make it to one of these great events before, this is a great way to finally get in on what everyone has been talking about. Just make sure you get your pre-sale registration set by March 30th to get the best deal.  

Carnisa Berry is the founder of Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching, where she helps her clients realize that the life of their dreams are just a thought away. She earned her Coaching Certification from World Coach Institute. Understanding that your thoughts lead to your decisions, and your decisions create your destiny, Carnisa uses emotional awareness to help her clients challenge thoughts and beliefs that are keeping them from the life they want. Her coaching process assist her clients with clarifying their intentions and purpose in
life. She is passionate about helping healthy relationships because she realizes that your relationships effect every area of your life, including health, finances, and your work environment.

Carnisa has authored two books, Think Your Way to a Better Marriage and 5 Ways to Conquer Fear. She wrote her first book, Think Your Way... after experiencing one of the most difficult times in her life and marriage. The tools and strategies in this book is how she overcame that time. Now, she teaches these tools and strategies in private coaching sessions and in workshops to help others live a more fulfilled life.

Currently she is living in Beijing, China, with her husband of 20 years and two of their three children. Since living in China, she has spoken on many platforms, worked at an international school as a Counselor, where, she provided group and individual sessions to students, parents and staff. Carnisa currently offers seminars, workshops, and retreats regularly. Please contact her at:


  • 12:40 -1:10 pm
  • 6:10 -06:40 pm

Officially launched in 2016, Jindafit is a new and effective way of getting fit inspired by Africa.  Jindafit uses moves from traditional African dances and enjoyable  upbeat music.  Jindafit uses shoulder core and hip movements to ensure that every workout is a total body workout while still maintaining the element of fun.

Email: or

Check our their video here:

 Raffle Information!

Our gracious sponsors and friends have contributed to this amazing Platinum Gift Basket. With a retail value of 2,500 RMB, there is something for everyone. Think of the birthday and Christmas gifts you can win in just one raffle. 

Items included in the raffle:
- A pair of Dienastie sunglasses
- A "One Night Stand" Pouch from Velveteen's Secret Potions
- A free cake from Tianmi Bakery
- Custom artwork from James Sserwadda
- Male and female accessories from Naya Fashion
- A bottle of spirits, courtesy of Party Hard

Pre-sale raffle tickets are available from March 16th - 29th for 50 RMB. At BlackEXPO raffle tickets are 200RMB each, so be sure to get yours early. Either way, this is a great deal!

All funds from the sales of the raffle will go to support future BlackEXPO endeavors including additional markets, business competitions, seed money funds, and registration.


The Limited Edition BlackEXPO Tote Bag

BlackEXPO is proud to offer these limited edition tote bags for the fashion savvy and environmental shopper. Large enough to carry all of your goodies from BlackEXPO, this is the simple yet stylish bag you've been waiting for. 

These totes are available for pre-order from March 16-30 for only 25 RMB. On the day of the event, they will be available for 40 RMB. Please note that they are limited edition, once they are gone, that's it!

All funds from the sales of the bags will go to support future BlackEXPO endeavors including additional markets, business competitions, and registration.


*items pictured are not included in the bag


Sales have concluded

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 March 31, 2018 at 12:00 PM


 March 31, 2018 at 6:00 PM