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On the 17th of June, from 8.30AM until 10PM

Shanghai will be host to its very own World Cup!

Come support your nation, wave your colors and scream it loud for your friends and family!

What is World Color?

World Color is an international football festival like no other. Bringing together people from all cultures, backgrounds and nationalities, the festival celebrates sport as the common language. 

No matter what flag you bear,come down for a day filled with fun and free activities that are bound to get everyone excited!

The Tournament – World Color Cup

So who is going to fight it out to become Shanghai’s new World Champion?

Defending champions Cabo Verde will be eagerly waiting to battle it out against..



The opening ceremony with will feature a dance performance by Lime Dance, following the opening matches of the 

World Color Cup

With first the group stage, in which the teams need to fight for the last 8 spots.  

Players from all over China,came to represent their nation and aiming to hold that cup above their head at the end of the race. 


In the afternoon we have another exciting performance in stall for you. 

We won’t share too much as you’ll need to see it for yourselves!

Not in Shanghai, but want to follow the matches and witness the winning goal? Banmabang will record and livestream everything for you, so you won’t miss one second!

Starting in the morning (8.30AM-9.30AM) get your muscles pumping with an invigorating fit boxing exercise brought to you by FitHearts - limited to 200 people so get in early!

Just for attending and participating, you will get a 50RMB discount voucher sponsored for at Under Armour!

While the teams are fighting for footballing supremacy, what other fun activities can you do around during the festival?

Food & Drinks 

A festival is of course no party without food and drinks.

Satisfy your burrito cravings as La Coyota dishes out their fine Mexican Food.Let Dodu tempt you with their special French delicacies that will leave you wanting seconds. For those who are looking for Latin flavors, Pinto has some wicked Portuguese cuisine in store for you. 

For the health nuts out there, we’ve got your backs.Whole & Pure and Wheat will ensure that you keep your calories in check while Vegan Boy serves up some creative vegan-friendly Chinese style pancakes.In for something sweet? Creamonology has icecream flavors you never tasted before.

 I hear you asking….what about the drinks? Jell&Co will deliver you drinks with style and freshness. 

What about beer?! Beer ?!

Fret not…There is enough Brander Urstoff for you available, a traditional German beer brand,renowned for their highest quality and strict adherence to the German Purity Law. Pure reshness, outstanding quality and rich taste is guaranteed.

For you, just for you we go around for the whole day, for just 25RMB per Lager beer and 30RMB per Wheat beer!

 More Family Fun

Get your Tie-Dye on alongside the Sip N Paint crew as you design a one of a kind shirt for you or someone special! 

If you’re one of the first 150 visitors, the shirt is on the house! 

If you’re afraid of missing out, bring your own!

If that’s not enough for you, meet our blank canvas, the Wall of Creativity. Pick up a brush, get those creative juices flowing and paint to your hearts’ content!

Into the Virtual World

CharlesVR will take you into a new world,the Virtual World, or get your gaming on with FIFA18!

Not a gaming fan?

Get your drifts on the mechanical bull, beat your friend to pulp in Gladiator Joust, test your gentle touch with Foot Snooker and/or play it out in a 2v2 or 3v3 in a football battle Arena brought to you by KTFOOTBALL.

Or just want to sweat it out?

YEYU has partnered up with amazing studios to provide you with 4 different workouts you can join during the event. 

From 11AM until 12PM TaijiZen is there to introduce you to a new workout: TajiFit. 

A new total-body workout out experience that combines the best of traditional Taiji with modern Western fitness.

From 13.20PM until 13.40PM Lime Dance with a rich experience in Zumba, Jazz Funk, Salsa, Bachata, Neo Ballet and many other dance disciplines. Providing you a Zumba workshop to put your rhythm to the test.

From 15.30PM until 16.30 Join 1 hour workout by Refuge Martial Arts featuring two, 25 minute sessions with two of Refuge's finest coaches. Over the two sessions, our participants will learn the fundamentals of striking in a fun Muay Thai workout specializing in punches, elbows and knees.  

From 17.00PM until 18.00PM Golden Gloves will challenge you with a boxing-fit high intensity fun, refreshing and interactive training including basic boxing drills combined with fitness drills in between.

To participate to the workouts please first purchase the ticket then download and RSVP via YEYU app by scanning the QR code below. If not sold out, more spots will be available on the day of. Head over to YEYU booth to sign up.


Note:50 spots available for all above mentioned activities.Purchasing a pre-sale ticket can be in combination with one of the above mentioned activity.If you want to participate in more than one activity,please RSVP via the YEYU app. "Walk-in" participation will depend on amount of RSVP's.


What? Wait..all these activities, for free…

What are you waiting for?!

 Where is this being held?

You can join the fun at Jing An Stadium, Changping Road 888. Easily reachable bymetro line 7, stop Changping Road exit 5. Head right, walk 1 min and find the entrance on your right side.

Pre-Sale Tickets: 50RMB Per person (including welcome gifts,)

(For the early risers, receive a special ticket price of 25RMB when you join in the fit boxing exercise brought to you by FitHearts. Limited to the first 200 participants with a 50RMB voucher from Under Armour, only available for this workout. (excluding the gifts listed underneath)!

Tickets at venue: 50RMB Per person(excluding welcome gifts)

 What are those welcome gifts I'm reading about?

First 1200 to receive a 50RMB Sherpas voucher!

First 500 to receive a 1+1 Massage Voucher at DragonFly!

First 300 to receive an original drawstring backpack !

First 150 to receive a free white T-Shirt to go Tie-Dye crazy! (Feel free to bring your own T-Shirt to create a one of a kind design)

And several more are up for grabs! 

And we of course,

do not forget to have great raffle prizes available !

For ticket purchase, scan the QR code. 

A big thank you to our partners that have made World Color 2018 possible !


Sales have concluded

When and Where

 June 17, 2018 at 8:30 AM


 June 17, 2018 at 10:00 PM

 Changping Road 888,Shanghai, China

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