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Compassionate Communication Workshop (Basic Module A)

This one day Compassionate Communication Workshop is designed for English speakers of all cultural backgrounds in Shanghai who are interested in learning, practising and deepening their knowledge about Marshall Rosenberg's communication approach which has already helped thousands of people around the world to solve or mitigate conflicts with others or with themselves. The term "Compassionate Communication" is by the way an alternative expression for the more widely known term "Non-Violent Communication".

The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as for people with some pre-knowledge (e.g. having already attended a 1,5 hour Introduction to Compassionate Communication workshop). 

This is what participants can expect from this one day workshop:

  • to understand and practise the four steps and three pillars of the compassionate communication process 
  • to understand the importance of attitude towards others and oneself as a pre-requisite to connect with oneself or others and enable giving from the heart.
  • to increase their feelings and needs literacy
  • to learn what differentiates compassionate communication from the way we typically communicate and why it is so much more effective in meeting our needs than the standard way
  • to learn with own examples how to apply compassionate communication in real life situations based on a simple recipe 
  • to exercise and observe the concept in role plays
  • to learn enough to be able to try solving or mitigating existing conflicts with this new approach
  • to receive insights on the philosophy behind compassionate communication
  • to take home a simple but powerful method to better connect with people with whom connection tends to be difficult or has even totally failed in the past
  • to get inspired to learn and read more about this approach
  • to have the opportunity to ask any questions about compassionate communication

Max. number of participants: 15

Organized by: 8C space

Facilitator: Tilman Rieger

Language: English

Prize: 1500 RMB (Fapiao possible upon request)

Early Bird Prize: 1200 RMB (registration prior to 19 February 2019)


Sales have concluded

When and Where

 March 2, 2019 at 9:00 AM


 March 2, 2019 at 5:00 PM

 Coach Create Center (CCC). Xinhua Road No. 345, Building A1, Shanghai, China or 新华路345号,A1楼,创问教练中心