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As the month of October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month DFG (Guangzhou) Art & Culture and CESAIR will be hosting an event with Great Group to raise attention of breast cancer and cancers a like, to give preventive ways from having breast cancer, and to raise money for a better treatment and cure for this disease. All in a fashionable and entertaining way.

Just a taster of who is going to  be there BIGGATON & The iBAND is un-doutably the biggest Reggae/Dancehall Artiste in China. He has toured world  and will be performing live Reggae/Dancehall Artiste, at Cesair presents:1 fight, 1 love bringing awareness and fighting the cause Venure the 6th floor of North Tower in Suntec Plaza No. 197 of Guangzhou Dadaozhong.  

牙买加雷鬼/Roots/Dancehall艺人Kevin Roye,艺名Biggaton,4月17日出生在牙买加曼德维尔市。曾经在Mandeville All Age School学习,后来以奖学金进入Holmwood Technical High.


Kevin Roye, popularly know as Biggaton was born on April 17,and raised in Mandeville, Jamaica. Biggaton attended Mandeville All Age School and with a scholarshipwent on to Holmwood Technical High. A natural gift of vocal diversity coupled with an outgoing spirit helped propel this great artiste onto the Jamaica Reggae scene.Following several local island performances, Biggaton landed his first ma jor stage actperforming in 1996 on the Rebel Salute Stage in his home town of Mandeville With his remarkable talent and skill, Biggaton went on to perform on a plethora of big name shows on and off the island, and a worldwide following.His timeless message is one of love, hope, upliftment and enlightenment,

牙买加雷鬼/Roots/Dancehall艺人Kevin Roye,艺名Biggaton,4月17日出生在牙买加曼德维尔市。曾经在Mandeville All Age School学习,后来以奖学金进入Holmwood Technical High.





2008年,Biggaton在佛罗里达州杰克逊维尔举行的Diamond Awards获得年度最佳雷鬼艺人 。



Speaking to religious confusion,political corruption, poverty and crime.In 2008, Biggaton was awarded Reggae Artiste of the Year at the Diamond awards held in Jacksonville,Florida.He continues to electrify the stage with his knowledge and energetic performance touching theears, eyes and hearts of the people.“Love Yourself, Be True and Be the Best of Who YouAre in Righteousness. Selassie I, Emmanuel I, Marcus I,Mama Mennen I Jah RasTaFar I”Albumsdebut (1st) album, 2005‘Eyes of Di Wise”Released Worldwide,Produced by Hector “Istick Dawkinsand Kevin ”Biggaton” Roye2nd album, 2010“Optical View” Released Worldwide, Produced by Imhotep C Records3rd album 2018“Pinyin Reggae ” Released Worldwide, Produce by Imhotep C Records4th album 2019 “Reggae Xiongmao” The most talented artist you will have the pleaseure of coming accross. 

2008年,Biggaton在佛罗里达州杰克逊维尔举行的Diamond Awards获得年度最佳雷鬼艺人 。



首专:《Eyes of Di Wise》,2005年

制作人:Hector”Istick Dawkins” 和 Kevin”Biggaton”

第二专辑:《Optional View》,2010年(电子专辑)

制作人:Imhotep C Records

第三专辑:《20/20 Vision & Beyond》正在录制中


与Mutabaruka携手合作的《What a Thing》




Australian Contemporary Oil Artist Justin Ole Fischer. He will be auctioning three of his pieaces with one of his pieces being donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.Justin Ole Fischer has  been painting and selling my artworks for 25 years, but have been painting for over 30 years.我的名字叫翟思庭。我从事绘画超过30年,并在25年前开始出售个人艺术作品。His art history started well before he was born. His grandmother on my father’s side was amongst other things a prima ballerina who was well connected and known in the many art worlds and circles from Moscow, London, Sydney, South America, Europe etc. She made ballet what it is now as a professional institution in Australia and particularly in Sydney.我的艺术历程,远在出生之前启航。我的祖母生前是一名优秀的芭蕾舞蹈员,在莫斯科、伦敦、悉尼、南美洲和欧洲的艺术圈里享有盛名,结交来自世界各地的杰出艺术家。正是她的出色贡献,才使芭蕾舞成为当今盛行澳洲(尤其是悉尼)的艺术。


Her stage name was Helene Kirsova, and she established a dance company in Sydney in 1942. The Kirsova Ballet was integral to the development of dance in Australia, being Australia’s first professional ballet company. She became a founding member of the Ballets Russe de Monte Carlo in 1932.我的祖母艺名为Helene Kirsova,于1942年在悉尼创办澳洲第一所专业的芭蕾舞蹈学校。Kirsova芭蕾舞蹈学校在澳洲舞蹈发展史中有着举足轻重的作用。她于1932年成为俄罗斯蒙特卡罗芭蕾舞团的创办人之一。


Kirsova was an important patron of Australian artists, composers and set designers. She commissioned designs for her original ballets from artists such as Loudon Sainthill, Amie Kingston, Alice Danciger and Wolfgang Cardamatis. Afterthe demise of the Kirsova Ballet in 1944, Kirsova kept her school running for a few more years before retiring to Europe in late 1940s.我的祖母与众多澳洲艺术家、作曲家和布景设计师有过合作,她原创的芭蕾舞剧曾聘用过Loudon Sainthill、Amie Kingston、Alice Danciger和Wolfgang Cardamatis等知名的艺术家。Kirsova芭蕾舞蹈学校于1944年关闭,但我的祖母继续苦心教导芭蕾舞,直至40年代末才退休,并移居欧洲。


When she retired in Europe, her many friends and admirers, were also family friends of my father, who counts among that list some very famous and well recognized artists and sculptors, including Picasso, Salvador Dali, Miro, Roland Robinson, Sali Herman, Justin O’Brien (foremost religious painter in Australia who was my godfather), Wallace Thornton, Appel, Peter Bellew (director of arts in Enesco France), Henry Legerton, Sandy Calder and many other leading lights of the Art World.在欧洲的退休生活中,我的祖母拥有许多崇拜者,并广泛结交世界闻名的艺术家,包括毕加索、Salvador Dali(西班牙著名画家)、Miro(西班牙著名画家和雕塑家) 、 Roland Robinson (澳洲著名诗人和作家)、Sali Herman(澳洲著名画家)、Justin O’Brien (澳洲宗教绘画大师,是本人的教父)、Wallace Thornton(澳洲著名画家)、Appel(荷兰著名画家)、Peter Bellew(全球礼品设计巨头Enesco法国分公司的艺术总监) Henry Legerton (澳洲著名芭蕾舞蹈员)、Sandy Calder(美国著名雕塑家)以及其他艺术领域的先驱。His Mother is also an accomplished artist in pottery, and fabrics and is well- connected in the Australian art world. She graduated with an arts degree from Sydney University, and her name is Danka Fischer.我的母亲是一名从事陶艺和布艺的成功艺术家,在澳洲艺术圈里闻名遐迩。她的名字是 Danka Fischer 毕业于悉尼大学,拥有艺术学位。


While he has been in China, he has held many exhibitions ,as well as achhine I achieved appointment of;在中国,我举办了许多次画展,并获得了以下名誉 The Professor of the Art Research Institute of Anhui Academy University安徽建筑大学艺术研究院教授Honorary Precedent of Koalahong Academy of painting and calligraphy.考拉红书画院荣誉院长The member of New Wildness of Chinese Contemporary 中国新野性艺术群成员Much of my art is cathartic, stylistically, I favor impressionistic backgrounds and semi or super realistic subjects but I don’t feel tied down to this and have a number of favored forms, abstract and mytho archetype (mythological archetypes) among them.


 从风格上来说,我的大部分艺术是精神宣泄型的。我喜欢印象派背景,半现实或超现实的主体。然而,我不拘一格,酷爱多种艺术形式,如抽象艺术和神话原型艺术等。Oriental art News Comments for my art as below;东方美术报(武少宁)对Justin的艺术评价如下:Justin 色彩斑斓的艺术作品犹如燃烧的炙热的火焰,激情地烘烤着中国的艺术领域,令人很自然地就会憧憬起澳大利亚昆士兰海边湛蓝的海水和几千年前岩浆冲刷过的火红的山麓。看Justin的画必须站在世界的高度,因为我们看到的是难得一见的自然景观留在他脑海中的色彩记忆,我们司空见惯的自然界总是充满了银灰的色彩,而当一抹火红的红色和怪异的橘色以及其他到了极致的纯色放在那里让你欣赏时,你会诧异地,下意识地感觉到世界上会有这般跳跃,豪放和不拘一格的色彩吗?这时,Justin的答案是:有


!VIP collectors have my artworks in the Australian federal and state capitals as well as China, Belgium, P.N.G., Vietnam, the U.S.A., the Middle East and many other countries. Some important people who have my artworks are King Albert II of Belgium, Mr. Song Xiaojun, Ambassador Alaudeen Alaskary (ex-consul-general of Saudi Arabia in HK and currently Deputy Minister of Protocol in Saudi Arabia), Mr. Adel Sayed (Chairman of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in China), Consul-generals, various Chinese mayors and many prominent businessmen


.我的作品被收藏于澳洲联邦政府和州府、中国、比利时、巴布亚新几内亚、越南、美国、中东等国家和地区。其中,收藏我个人作品的名人包括比利时国王阿尔贝二世、宋晓军、Alaudeen Alaskary大使(前沙特阿拉伯驻香港总领事、现任沙特阿拉伯礼宾部副部长)、Adel Sayed(中国埃及商会主席)、多国总领事、多位中国市长以及许多成功商人。展览概况如下:


Guest Speaker , Angela Lai Suk-fan  黎淑芬  


Ms Angela Lai is the Founder and Managing Director of Perfect Honour International Limited since its establishment in 1994. She has over 29 years of experience in design management for products and services, corporate communications and marketing strategy, event management and public relations.

黎淑芬小姐現為善銘國際有限公司執行董事,擁有逾二十九年豐富的設計管理、企業溝通與市場營銷、項目策劃管理及公共關係經驗。    黎小姐於1981年加入「博雅公共關係香港分公司」一間極具規模的國際公共關係公司,至1990年擢升為製作總監,負責管理專業出色的創作、設計及製作團隊。任職期間曾參與無數企業上市策劃、公共關係活動及市場推廣計劃。   

 Her career began in 1981 when she joined Burson - Marsteller Hong Kong, an international Public Relations company. In 1990, Ms Lai was promoted to Vice President of Production Director where she led and managed a creative team, design team and production team and worked with clients in finance, public affairs and marketing. 

 在多年的設計管理及公關事業裡,黎小姐經常往來中國及香港兩地,並曾參與超過50間中國和香港跨國機構的企業項目的活動統籌及各類型廣告公關工作及宣傳活動。客戶包括加拿大政府、機電工程處、香港工業總會、以色列航空、諾基亞、DunHill、軒尼斯、Apple、P&G、香港中華煤氣有限公司、Fatburger、依視路及Celebrity Slim。 

Ms. Lai has worked with over 50 multi-national clients in both Hong Kong and China on corporate communications strategies, events and activities. Clients included Canada Government in Toronto, EMSD, Federation Hong Kong Industries, Israel EL AL Airlines, Nokia, Dunhill, Hennessy, Apple, P & G, Towngas, Fatburger, Essilor and Celebrity Slim. 

黎小姐更富有相當的教學經驗,於2007-2010年間,擔任汕頭大學長江藝術與設計學院副教授,課程包括廣告、 整合營銷傳播理論、市場營銷、品牌策略及消費者行為。 另外,她曾擔任香港管理專業協會的專業多媒體製作講師、樹仁書院新聞系的客席講師等。 

Ms. Lai also has substantial experience in teaching. From 2007-2010, she was an Associate Professor at the Zhangjiang Art Center College of Design at Shantao University teaching Advertising, Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing, Branding and Customer Behavior. She also lectured at Shue Yan Collage and the Hong Kong Management Association's Communications Programme. 


She has a Master of Business Administration degree in University of Western Sydney, Australia and has received her administration and public relations education in Hong Kong Management Association and Hong Kong Productivity Council. She was also a Postgradulate student in Peking University. 


She has been in Kangen Water business over 3 years as a Distributor worldwide. Due to her health problem at the beginning, she has well experienced how Kangen Water can help her. In her team, she has also seen a lot of cases that Kangen Water can change to the quality of healthy body. 

In 1974 in Okinawa, Japan, Enagic is proud to be one of the only water purification and ionization companies in the world.

Enagic mission is to provide true health and wellness internationally with its Gold-Standard product line. 

Enagic是水機中的領導品牌,成立於1974年。也是一間國際性集團公司,業務遍佈30多過國家,總部設於日本東京。Enagic是唯一電解水機中榮獲美國WQA (Water Quality Association) 金印章,乃水機中最高殊榮!    Enagic公司的企業理念与経營哲學的實踐是為了追求真正的健康! 




改變水質   改變生命 


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