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About the Preview

Guests will have an opportunity to view selected works from the Admiration by Day, Mesmerized by Night Exhibition alongside their artists in Mo Gallery and Lounge. The night will be accompanied with funk and jazz spins by DJ JRadio, beer sponsored by Shanghai Fun Beer, handcraft cocktails, gifts, and a silent auction of selected works. 

来宾将有机会与Mo Gallery and Lounge中的艺术家一起观看“仰慕于昼,沉醉于夜”展览中的精选作品。当晚将与DJ JRadio的放克和爵士舞,上海Fun Beer赞助的啤酒,手工鸡尾酒,礼物以及精选作品的无声拍卖相伴。

About the Exhibition

Is admiration that brief moment when you capture their lingering gaze glowing in awe of your presence or is it the words that ring deep in your soul when they speak with such conviction to a crowd of thousands? Admiration and mesmerization of people, things, and concepts triggers a self induced euphoric feeling sending shivers down our spine, fingertips, to the soles of our feet. In this 2 part exhibition 7 artists from China, America, Italy, & Uruguay will present works that reflect admiration and mesmerization at MUSE u&m Nov 19-26. In December we will make our final journey to Bao Gallery.

当太阳下山时,有什么钦佩的感觉与催眠的感觉有所区别?当您捕捉到他们缠绵的凝视时,敬佩之情是那短暂的时刻,还是当他们以如此坚定的信念向成千上万的人讲话时,这些话在您的灵魂深处响起?对人,事物和概念的钦佩和迷惑会触发自我诱导的欣快感,使我们的脊椎通过我们的指尖向脚底颤抖。在这个由两部分组成的展览中,来自中国,美国,意大利和乌拉圭的7位艺术家将在11月19日至26日的MUSE u&m上展示反映出钦佩和着迷的作品。在十二月,我们将最后一次前往宝画廊。

1119日(星期二)下午6:00仰慕于昼陈列柜的开幕酒会。 1123日下午6:00,将通过特别活动来展示沉醉于夜展示柜。


Nick Y. 尼克酱酱, Vincent Wen 文迪, Jo 周玲,Julia Zipporah, Orlando Daga, Mauricio Paz Viola, Neil Mattern.


Brittni Young 妮妮 BYoung Fine Arts

About BYoung Fine Arts

BYoung Fine Arts is an art collective based in Shanghai, China. The art collectives’ mission is to redefine the way in which emerging Chinese and international artists bring light to their creative works. We aim to assist artists in making their art work known with their participation in pop up exhibitions, events, projects, and more. We support different mediums of art and welcome new and innovative techniques to our collective.

Date日期: Saturday, November 16, 2019

Time酒会时段: 18:00-21:00

Address地址: Mo Gallery and Lounge 

Shanghai, China, Huangpu District, 129 South CheZhan Road, 2F

上海市南车站路129号, 2楼

Admission Ticket 购 票

100RMB includes a drink, gift, and a ticket to bid in the silent auction. 包括饮料,礼物和参加无声拍卖的门票。





Sales have concluded

When and Where

 November 16, 2019 at 6:00 PM


 November 16, 2019 at 9:00 PM

 上海市南车站路129号, 2楼

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