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Monthly Wine Tasting 月度品酒会特别版: 红酒配奶酪

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We'll be enjoying some great examples of the seductive character from the red grape "Grenache" and from the white grape "Viognier". Exciting legacy from the wines of Cotes de Rhone:

Red, Lavau 2013 - Côtes du Rhône AOC


Red, Terre de Belair, Cru de Baumes de Venise AOC, Rhone 2014


White, Lavau 2013 - Côtes du Rhône AOC


White, L. Miquel “La Verite Viognier” 2012, South of France white IGP


Served with Assorted 🍕Cheese & 🐖 Charcuterie 🐄

About Your Sommelier:

Over 20 years of Experience in the World of Wine


Holger is Bringing the Best of His Expertise

Holger Volsing is Danish-French with over 20 years of experience in the wine industry. He worked and studied in Bordeaux for 10 years and then 12 years in China, working with the biggest players in all segments of the wine market, including communication and writing.
汉克是 丹麦籍法国人 ,在红酒领域有20多年的经验。他在法国波尔多工作学习了十年,然后在中国呆了十二年,和红酒领域的大公司合作,包括为红酒杂志撰文和一些红酒交流活动。


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When and Where

 October 7, 2016 at 7:30 PM


 October 7, 2016 at 9:00 PM

 La Parisienne, 88 Zhangyang Road, near Puming Road, Shanghai 上海市张杨路88号.

More Information
La Parisienne:
Traditional french bakery of highest quality, complemented with cheese & charcuterie and a selection of quality wine at best prices.

021-58 97 97 25, 185 167 991 63 (Jeremy) or 158 005 643 57 (Raphael)

How to get there?
a) L9 Shang Cheng Rd - walk 15 min.
b) L2 Dongchang rd, exit 4 - taxi or bus 939 - 3 stops to end station- or walk 30 min,
c) Fuxing road Ferry, cross Huangpu - 200m after landing, right hand side.
d) Taxi 15-20 minutes from central Puxi, normal traffic.