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Kente & Silk is bringing Africa Week back with a set of new and exciting events. Our objective in 2019 remains the same: to increase positive engagement with Africa in China.

We hope you’ll join us on an epic journey around the continent through a week filled with art, music, food, thought-provoking discussions, and catalytic partnerships.


Art Afrik is a celebration of African art & craftsmanship held during Beijing’s Africa Week (17th – 26th May) that explores Africa-China relations through the prism of art. Art Afrik will host an exhibition at A.C. Art Museum Hotel in Beijing. The exhibition opens on the 17th of May 2019 at 7pm and is the OFFICIAL OPENING of Africa Week 2019 that aims to bring together art enthusiasts and Beijingers curious about Africa. It will run till the 26th of May.

 The 2019 Art Afrik Exhibition, uses the experience of asking for directions along with the coordinates of Africa (“师父,这个地方在哪里?: 8.7832° S, 34.5085° E  (Sir, 'Where is this place? : 8.7832° S, 34.5085° E ‘ )” to provide attendees an understanding of “where” Africa is by showcasing how and where African artists/Africans are situating themselves (intellectually, physically, spiritually and emotionally). 

The works in the exhibition will collectively present narratives from a variety of African countries with a focus on post-colonial footprints, residual systems, future narratives and self-awareness as Africans. Importantly, the exhibition will promote contemporary African art that will engage a wide and diverse audience here in China. The opening night will feature a rich display of contemporary works of art by renowned African artists from all over the continent. Specifically, it will feature the works of: 

  • Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani
  • Alun Be
  • Andile Buka 
  • Ashley Walters 
  • Carla Busuttil 
  • Euridice Kala 
  • Ezra Wube 
  • Hildegard Titus
  • LucFosther Diop 
  • Mack Magagane
  • Megan Heilig 
  • Ngadi Smart 
  • Oluwakemi Solaja 
  • Osborne Macharia 

Held at the sophisticated A.C. Art Museum Hotel, the opening night will be a chance to appreciate the very best of contemporary African art while sampling hors d’oeuvres from the Hotel’s exquisite restaurant. 


Curated by Megan Mace / Assisting Curator James Sserwadda


Sales have concluded

When and Where

 May 17, 2019 at 7:00 PM


 May 26, 2019 at 6:00 PM

 A.C ART MUSEUM Hotel AoJia Int'l. Apt. No.A26 Yard Dongzhimen Outer AVE, Beijing

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