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with Ankar Arken, Karp, and Zhang Quanquan

Self and community healing is an important step for inclusion. Join us on a journey of musical healing, experience new mental states, and explore the sounds around and within.

Saturday June 1, 11AM // 6月1日, 11点
Price 80RMB // 80元
Columbia Cirlce // 上生新所
Building NO. 7, Columbia Country Club, 1262 West Yan'an road, Changning District, Shanghai

About the Artists

Ankar Arken

Ankar Arken,一位出生于新疆,成长于伦敦音乐土壤的声音艺术家。先后为伦敦时装周,上海时装周,Dior等品牌提供音乐制作。2013至今主要研究MUSIQUE CONCRETE具象音乐以及Electroacoustic Music,2015年与当代先锋声音艺术家David Toop等人在西方声音艺术胜地RYANS BAR进行即兴表演。其作品触及自然现实与科技虚拟之间的矛盾,游走在静谧与狂暴之间,如画家般为你描绘出内心难得一窥的梦境。

Ankar Arken, A Xinjiang-born sound artist raised and educated in London musical scene, usedto produce music for London Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, and Dior. Since 2013, Ankar's main research & performing realm is Musique Concret eand Electro-acoustic Music, and performed together with well-known avant-garde sound artist David Toop in Ryans Bar, the iconic art venue in the West. Ankar challenges the conflict between natural reality and technical virtuality by his works traveling freely on unleashing tranquil energies all the way to raging extremes. Ankar, a literally "painter" in sound world to paint your magic dreamy scenes.

小白能 Karp


Experimental musician, artistic worker. Whose works utilize mostly sound while at the same time involve literary expressions, installation and performance art as media. Shinuan’s work emphasize the narrativity of noise and the output of abnormal media, trying to make a combination of folk music and random tones. Currently Shinuan’s works are paid more attention on the individual behaviors under collective ideology and the mutual effect between nature and social context under Number Theory.

张圈圈Zhang Quanquan


Singing bowl healer, tarot card reader, Jung analytic psychology and Post-model psychology practicer, converted to a Zen practicer since 2015 with zen master from Taiwan,dedicated to benefit all beings in rest of this life.


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When and Where

 June 1, 2019 at 11:00 AM


 June 1, 2019 at 1:00 PM

 Shanghai, China