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We are excited to announce the third workshop of the 2018 Building Female Leaders Workshop series – which contains 4 volumes, focused on building skills and connections to help more women access leadership roles in the global workplace!

我们很高兴地宣布—— 2018塑造女性领导者工作坊系列第三部分已经启动。本期包含4期,主要侧重点在塑造技能和简历联系,旨在帮助更多的女性在全球工作场所中担任领导角色!

Volume 3 - Insights into Female Leaders will bring three talented, accomplished women, who are leaders in very different fields of industry, to share their professional stories, and advocate their business tools. This will take place in a structured 3x3 format, so the most of their valuable sharing can be made by the network. 

Our Guest Speakers: 
It is a great honor to invite these three women from three very diverse fields take time to present their ideas and answer our questions.

Dr Rachel Pinniger 
Social Entrepreneur | Founder of Blue Sheep


Founder of Chengdu based social enterprise Blue Sheep, Dr Ray has spent the past 50 years helping the needy in Sichuan and further field. She started her career as a medical doctor, educating and teaching rural health workers and later went on to found the Chengdu based organisation, Blue Sheep . Blue Sheep works towards expanding the market for disadvantaged artisans and arranging trainings as needed, so they can support themselves. 

In 2017, Dr Ray’s professional achievements were celebrated at the ‘Good Festival’ in Switzerland - winning a medal for her work with her social enterprise.

Alyssa Xie ,谢辉
Founder & Designer | ACE Interior Design Studio and mother of two.


Alyssa completed her Master degree in  Luxury Hotel Design and Management at Milan Polytechnic University in 2016. She is the founder of ACE Interior Design Studio which is dedicated to creating healthy, elegant and warm residential spaces. She has over 18 years of experience in the field. Her work has won her many awards, both in China and internationally and have been published in many professional books and magazines.


Sophie Yao 姚晓菲

China Regional General Manager | Fenox Venture Capital


Sophie Yao serves as the General Manager of Fenox China, responsible for leading deal sourcing, investment activities, business development as well as accelerator management. Sophie has 8+ years experienced in management, startup business and deal sourcing. Before Fenox she worked at Fortune 500 high-tech companies, such as Microsoft and Intel, as senior manager role. During her presence in Fenox, she has invested in many cases such as Vicarious, Deepgram, Ossia and etc. She got her master degree of Material Science and Engineering in University of Queensland. 

Fenox is a Silicon Valley based Venture Capital with total management size of 1.6 billion USD globally. Fenox have 22 funds, 14 branches opened in 18 areas and countries. To this day, Fenox has invested in more than 120 high-tech portfolios worldwide.

姚晓菲现任Fenox风险投资中国区的总经理,主要负责中国区基金募资,投资标的发掘,商务拓展,投资关系及加速器管理。姚晓菲曾在Intel和微软工作,有超过7年的公司管理,资源整合,投资标的发掘以及创业相关的经验, 在Fenox期间参与投资管理Vicarious, Deepgram, Ossia等著名硅谷人工智能公司 。她毕业于澳洲昆士兰大学科学工程系,并拿到了材料科学工程硕士学位。

*Fenox是硅谷的VC公司,在全球有18支基金,在北美欧洲亚洲有14个分支机构,88个雇员,基金管理规模达15亿美元,投资过全球120家高新技术创业企业(著名投资案例包括Jibo,Meta+, Affectiva, X.ai等),LP主要为大型跨国企业包括华硕纬创和世嘉。

About the Chengdu Women in Business Network:
Last year the CWIB Network held the Women in Action Workshop series - with 4 volumes, with assessments such as the Johari Window, Emotional Intelligence and Unconscious Mistakes Women Make in Business. This saw the network grow to over 300 international and local female entrepreneurs, business owners, civil servants, and professionals from a diverse range of industries. 


去年,CWIB网络举办了Women in Action Workshop系列活动 - 共有4期,内容包括乔哈里咨询窗,情商和女性在生意中所犯的无意识错误。这些活动使该网络发展壮大,成员包括超过300名国际和本地女性企业家、企业主、公务员和来自各行各业的专业人士。该网络平台主要组织系列性的专业研讨会和网络活动,旨在建立一个可持续的全球企业领导者和实干者的社交网络,并提供纵向和横向指导。


The network primarily organizes series of professional workshops and networking with the aim of building a sustainable global network of leaders in business, doers, and provide vertical and horizontal mentorship.  


This time? Come join other women who are moving and embarking on their own ideas, inspire and get inspired, and connect with other creative professionals!   这次呢?快来加入其他女性,她们正在行动并实现自己的想法,启发他人并获得灵感,并与其他创意专业人士产生联系!


CUBE  at The Fairmont Chengdu 
(Second Floor)
269 Tianfu Middle Avenue, Hi-Tech Zone  Chengdu, Sichuan



When  Wednesday 17th October  19:30 – 10:00 

时间 10月17日 周三

rmb  This includes two drinks and all the materials needed for this workshop. 
Tickets are limited and not refundable. 

请预订席位 100人民币

包括饮料和本次研讨会所需的所有材料。 门票数量有限,不予退还。


Thank you so much for your continued support and growing with us! 


CD Women in Business Network Team 非常感谢您的支持,并与我们共同成长!


If you have question or would like to be added to the Women in Business WeChat group, please add Harri on WeChat ID: harricat



Sales have concluded

When and Where

 October 17, 2018 at 7:30 PM


 October 17, 2018 at 10:00 PM

 CUBE at The Fairmont, 269 Tianfu Middle Avenue, Hi-Tech Zone Chengdu, Sichuan