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Come check out our Demo Day featuring the newest batch of Singaporean startups!

These fresh tech companies will be showcasing what they achieved during our program trying to scale their business in China. Most companies are from the FinTech, AI, Real Estate, Retail, and Medical Technology industries.

You don’t want to miss out!





13:00-13:30   Registration  签到

13:30-13:45   Welcome Speeches  开幕致辞

13:45-14:00   GIA Introduction  新加坡GIA介绍

14:00-15:10   Startup Presentations  新加坡初创企业路演

15:10-15:30   Q&A  问答环节

15:30-16:00   Coffee Break & Networking  茶歇&自由交流

WHEN: 15th of November 2019 from 13:00-16:00


WHERE: Address: 5F, Overseas Chinese Mansion, 129 West YanAn Road, JingAn District, Shanghai, PR China




LivingWear is a direct-to-consumer Reliable Essential Clothing Brand. At LivingWear, we focus on using Tech, AI & Smart Fabrics to improve and make better Everyday Clothing for Real People. By creating an Adaptive Sizing Methodology, we believe in being the most reliable & best option for everyone on the market, including those who are under-served (plus sized, petite sized & adaptive market). We are building our own Circular Economy model for our Clothing and pride ourselves in being a transparent and socially & holistically responsible Brand.



The ProjeX of Catalyst is a web platform to help companies look for experts and experts look for projects. ProjeX provides a market place for the new "Gig Economy", exchanging where consultants, freelancers and compnaies trade.



Revolutionising customer experience through social messaging apps, InsureVite provides a cloud platform integrated into social messaging apps to enable insurers to provide end to end digital services to their customers via chats.


SmartSolutions可在3个月内构建可运行的应用原型,从而使客户体验机器自动化的优势和其对现有金融决策业务流程的改进。SmartSolutions的金融科技产品RoboInvestor使数据分析专家以外的金融专业人士能将机器学习应用到他们的知识领域中去,以辅助他们的投资决策。 is in the analytics advisory domain and we have a team of data science trained IT consultants focused on assisting customers to harness trends and insights from their data for actionable outcomes. We specialise in building workable application prototypes in 3 months , thus allowing clients to experience the power of machine empowered automation and improvements on their existing business processes.


Tetusyu Healthcare 的解决方案为亚洲地区的社区医疗提供优化的渠道并降低成本。Tetusyu的解决方案包括了社区医疗管理、远程医疗和人工智能辅助创伤管理等应用,致力于解决医疗服务传达过程中技能差距、交通时间和人工流程等痛点。该项目在新加坡已有客户基础,与东京大学也已经开始合作。

Tetusyu Healthcare Holdings develops healthcare innovations aimed at improving access and affordability to quality care in the community across Asia. Tetsuyu's solutions includes applications for community care management, tele-health and AI assisted wound management. These are designed to overcome pain points in delivering care including skill gaps, travel time and manual processes. Tetsuyu also operates a home care team in Singapore to test bed these innovations.


Aviation Virtual的解决方案是基于网页的可配置的VR解决方案,为需求智能VR的企业客户提供集合AR/VR/XR/物联网/人工智能的解决方案。公司在新加坡代表性客户包括星耀樟宜、樟宜机场5号航站楼、凯德地产等,同时也为建筑、海洋和近海作业、医疗健康培训、航空培训等领域提供多样的虚拟现实解决方案。

Aviation Virtual is an innovative Virtual Reality Solution Provider that is adept at deep-diving to identify pain-points and embrace leading-edge technologies to develop state-of-the-art technological sweet-spots Its Giraffe Solution is a configurable web-based solution that delivers in real time an integrated AR/VR/XR/IoT/AI to clients requiring a SMART VR solution.


BuzzAR是一家专注零售场景的AR公司,有自主专利的AR搜索系统和AR布告板为核心产品,提升导引和购物体验的有趣度。在新加坡,BuzzAR为Marina Bay金沙酒店提供基于AR搜索系统的全场景地图,和TripAdvisor也有基于AR布告板的产品合作。

BuzzAR brings retail to life with augmented reality. It provides location based AR solutions for retail and commerce.


Sales have concluded

When and Where

 November 15, 2019 at 1:00 PM


 November 15, 2019 at 4:00 PM

 5F, 129 West YanAn Road, JingAn District, Shanghai

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