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It is nearly 2018. time for the Final countdown party last year we attracted over 2000 people nobody would forget that night so this year we do it over but bigger more shows. amazing venue 

 for that we invited some Guangdong most Loved DJ's and China's best pole dancers.


for this unique combination if normal we would build an stage.  with fireworks and special effects

Last year. after Movie


His name already says what to expect the oft he Hardest EDM. combined with Amsterdam trap and Hardstyle. 

After making a big name for himself DJing extensively in larger festivals around China including Strawberry, Don’t Go Home Tonight festivals and clubs  Bernhard brings his distinctive European EDM style and energy and really knows how to get a party pumping hard

Kido Dee

Kido Dee from Romania, on his real name Dorian , well known Shenzhen based foreign DJ , with a large career as professional DJ , acclaimed in clubs many. His sets are full of energy , good vocals and ethnic rhythms mixed with Hip Hop, D&B , Dubstep Moombathon , Moombahouse , Trap or Mash-up , but lets mention his passion goes further even for , Big Room or Dutch House. He grew up with the music from the 90´s and 00´s so often he make use of remixes of the top songs from the 90´s/00´s in his sets. His music will make you move your hips like crazy , so get ready for a crazy new years eve party!!


The Venue





Sales have concluded

When and Where

 December 31, 2017 at 7:00 PM


 January 1, 2018 at 3:00 AM

 Bpark 华侨城香山东街创意文化园北区B1栋101