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An exciting course, revealing the fashion collection elaboration, from its conceptual state to the materialization of the ideas and sketches into fabric artworks. An inspiring mix or art & fashion history, aesthetics and subcultures, trends and contemporary styles, that is giving a powerful insight into the creative world, stimulating the design process and encouraging individual expressive stories.

Students are prepared to communicate their vision, in creative, hands-on projects. Each student will design one collection, and will make a garment in real fabrics. The course is finalized with a photo-shoot session.

• Conduct an inspiring research
• Communicate concept and ideas through professional Story Boards
• Design a fashion collection
• Develop the styles from basic patterns or draping technique
• Photo shooting

The course has 20 training sessions.
All the trainees will get a Completion Certificate at the end of the course.

Our Students Successful Stories!


Our Students Successful Stories!


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