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Create your own world… indoor
You have been taking pictures with natural light, and would be curious to try studio photography ?


Maybe you do not know where to start with all these devices and accessoiries ?


No worries. It’s not rocket science.

Let’s demystify all this and learn:

  • Technical bases
    • Photography bases
    • Exposure triangle
    • Studio photography
  • Mount and tune the gear
    • Lighting setup, gear (lights, softboxes, filters, remote...)
    • Key light standards
  • Run a studio session on your own
    • Start a photo shoot, set your lights
    • Your setups (based on your favorite pictures)

The first half of the training is theory, then practice! Bring your camera take your pictures home.

The ticket includes 1 hour of studio rental (value 300 RMB) to practice what you have learnt (I will support you if you need, no worries). To book whenever you want (within 2 months). 


"Recently participated the workshop of photography in studio with FYM. That was super interesting. 

I finally understood how to use the equipment correctly, learned how to work with the light and place it to receive the result that I want. 

Vincent presented an information in accessible way. 

If you don’t know or not sure about studio photography, you definitely need to take the class with FYM studio"

Ba Min

"Attending the training organized by Vincent was a quite exciting moment for me.

Through a friendly 3+ hours session, we reviewed basics of photography, studio shooting and lighting principles then we were able to reproduce by ourselves some nice shoot done by professional.

Result was quite amazing and far above my initial expectations.

Highly recommended!"

Join our next session 

…and discover a new world!



Sales have concluded

When and Where

 April 25, 2020 at 10:00 AM


 April 25, 2020 at 3:00 PM

 Shanghai FYM, 徐汇区延庆路4弄6号 (Yanqinq road, Nb 4, building 6)