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The man behind Vinica, Holger, has been in the world of wine for over 20 years.  Originally from Denmark, Holger spent 10 years in Bordeaux studying at the famous Bordeaux wine institute IPC Vins et Spiritueux followed by many years working in all aspects of the business.  After moving to Shanghai in 2001 Holger quickly became a well known name having an opportunity to work with the major players in the wine business in all segments of the industry. By 2010 he made the leap to independent wine merchant, using his incredibly deep years of experience to identify interesting and beautifully balanced wines from all over the world. 

Holger is in high demand, and has organised over 250 wine events  from tastings to market promotions in the past 5 years and has made a cover story for French wine magazine Gilbert & Gaillard, international edition two times. Holger is the exclusive wine supplier to two prestige success outlets in Shanghai, a La Parisienne (french) in Pudong and The Refinery in Xintiandi, providing professional tailor-made services for their selective clientele. 

Holger looks forward to answering your questions and bringing you into the fascinating world of wine!

汉克是“悦藏坊”背后的老板,他来自丹麦,在世界葡萄酒领域有20多年的经验,他在波尔多著名的葡萄酒研究所IPC学习了十年时间,随后多年做了不同种类的工作。 2001年搬到上海后,汉克很快就成为了一个众所周知的名字,他有机会与葡萄酒领域的主要参与者合作。到2010年,他一跃成为独立的葡萄酒商人,运用他深厚的经验,鉴别来自世界各地的有趣且完美平衡的葡萄酒。

汉克的需求很高,在过去的5年里,他组织了250多场葡萄酒活动,从品酒到市场推广,并为法国葡萄酒杂志Gilbert & Gaillard制作了一个封面故事,两次都是国际版。汉克是上海两家知名成功店铺的独家葡萄酒供应商, 一个是位于浦东的La Parisienne(法国),另一家是位于新天地的Refinery,为其精选客户提供专业的量身定制的服务。


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Sales have concluded

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