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她是《冰川时代5》里面可爱的女树懒布鲁克,也是这部电影片尾曲《My Superstar》的主唱。

她唱的《Price Tag》更是传遍国际,在19个国家夺得单曲榜冠军,在中国更是多次被翻唱!

2011年,她确认担当《英国好声音(The Voice UK)》的导师,出道短短一年就就担当导师,充分体现了她在欧美流行乐坛的影响力。




她风格多变,音色完美且唱功非常优秀,完美的嗓音使她随意游走在流行乐、R&B、Hip-pop和电子乐之间,她就是英国新生代代表歌手之一——英国乐坛新天后Jessie J!

他的《Club Can't Handle Me》被歌舞电影《舞出我人生3D》原声带收录

单曲《My House》在美国iTunes下载榜登顶




他将电音元素完美地融入嘻哈之中,并能用惊人的舞台魅力带领观众狂欢起舞,他就是被众多歌迷朋友喜爱的歌手Flo Rida!


现在!就现在!Jessie J & Flo Rida 2017演唱会!2017.12.1深圳龙岗大运城震撼开场!这场音乐盛宴没你不行!嘻哈基因与生俱来!在这里亲身感受传说中的freestyle!

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RED DRAGON作为跨国演出市场中的新锐力量,积累了15年海外演出经验,致力于将优秀的国际娱乐资源引入中国市场,促进中西方文化互动,为各位观众及粉丝带来一场场精彩而又创新的演出。



They are about to hit Shenzhen!

JESSIE J is an English singer and songwriter. Born and raised in London, she began her career on stage, aged 11, with a role in the West End musical Whistle Down the Wind. She studied at the BRIT School before signing with Gut Records and striking a songwriting deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

After signing with Universal Republic, Jessie J came to prominence following the release of her debut single "Do It Like a Dude". Her next song "Price Tag" topped the charts in nineteen countries including the UK and was followed by the release of her debut album Who You Are (2011), which charted at number two in the UK.

In 2012, Jessie J performed at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert outside Buckingham Palace in June, as well as the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London on 12 August. Her second album Alive (2013) reached the top 5 in the UK Albums Chart and also included the top-five hit songs "Wild" and "It's My Party". The release of her third album Sweet Talker (2014) was preceded by the single "Bang Bang" which debuted at number one in the UK and went multi-platinum worldwide.


 FLO RIDA, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Carol City, Florida. His 2008 breakout single "Low" was number one for 10 weeks in the United States and broke the record for digital download sales at the time of its release. Flo Rida's debut studio album, 2008's Mail on Sunday, reached number four in the US. 

The album was succeeded by R.O.O.T.S., the next year. His subsequent albums, 2010's Only One Flo (Part 1) and 2012's Wild Ones, also charted on the US Billboard 200 chart. Flo Rida has sold over 80 million digital downloads, making him one of the best-selling music artists. His catalog includes the international singles "Right Round", "Club Can't Handle Me", "Good Feeling", "Wild Ones", "Whistle", "I Cry", "G.D.F.R.", and "My House".

Now! Right now! Jessie J & Flo Rida 2017 concert! December 1, 2017, in Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center Stadium. Waiting for you!


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 December 1, 2017 at 7:30 PM


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 深圳市大运中心体育场 Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center 广东深圳市龙岗区龙翔大道3001号