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You are wondering how to add purpose and meaning to your life and career?

You would like to meet people that understand your willingness to do something that matters? 

You are curious about the personal journey of people that decided to act for good, their goals and challenges?

You need inspiration and concrete tips in your own changemaker journey?

At Feiy, we truly believe that going through life doing a job that you care about, aligned with a purpose of doing good, is not only meaningful but is also the best way to be happier in life.

- Building a life that enable you to make money while making the world a better place is the true definition of success. -

But finding your purpose and, even more, making a life out of it or making it a part of it, is not an easy thing to do!! We have been told for so long that success was only about money and that doing good will definitely , that the idea of building a career on both the idea of making a decent living and fulfiling a purpose is still not very common.

And yet, 84% of the Millenial generation is looking for a more purposeful job! And for the ones that have found a way to do it, how have they done it? 

Let's listen to the inspiring stories of our 3 great speakers:  

- Ethel Zhang: How I created my dream job with global adventures and good food

- Jonathan Cruysberghs:  You don't need to quit you job to take action & follow your dreams!

- Cécile Cavoizy: A journey from the corporate to the social entrepreneurship world


They will share with us what drives them, the challenges and the happiness brought by the - not always easy - decisions they had made to follow their heart, find their purpose and do something that matters. 

Join us to feel inspired, discuss about people that are making the word a better place,  share experiences and build your network in a relax atmosphere. 

The stories are followed by a short panel discussion and an open mic session for people to share their own stories or anecdotes.


July 18th, at 7pm

Place: Cafe Sambal, Lane 259 Jiashan Road, No 37, Room A, near Jianguo Xi Lu.

About The TAKE-OFF series by Feiy:

Gathering organized by Feiy to support changemaker’s journey and boost their impact.  The Take-Off events walk participants, step by step, toward more positive impact through stories, sharing experiences and practical content.


Sales have concluded

When and Where

 July 18, 2018 at 7:00 PM


 July 18, 2018 at 9:30 PM

 Shanghai, China