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Rotary Club of Shanghai sincerely welcome you to join us in our September 5 Meeting at Restaurant Ezo @ Marriott City Shanghai.

Speech of the Night: Rotary Sponsored e-Learning project update – ArtemLiebenthal

Menu of the night: India

唐杜里炉烤各式印度烤饼 Medley of Assorted Fresh Tandoori-oven Baked Indian Bread with Paratha, Naan and Papadum

“印度”蕃茄汤 Tomater Ka Shorba fresh tomatoes and vegetable soup, garnished with chick peas and boiled rice

“印度”唐杜里羊肉 Tandoori Gosht
tender lamb pieces, kept in a marinated of yoghurt, garlic and a special combination of spices and roasted, topped with red onion, lime segment and coriander as garnish

“印度”香料饭 Biryani-E-Lazeez
special long-grained Indian rice, cooked with herbs

土豆,菜花 Aloo Gobi
spicy cauliflower and potatoes, cooked dry to perfection along with ginger, tomatoes and herbs

A rare exotic dessert of grated carrots, cooked gently in milk,
As it reduces to form halwa, generously sprinkled with nuts

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Contacts & Meetings

The club meeting is a dinner meeting (by invitation only) every Tuesday at Shanghai Marriott City Center 上海雅居乐万豪酒店 @ No. 555 Middle Xizang Road, Shanghai, P. R. China 中国上海黄埔区西藏中路555号 (Subway station People's Square, Exit #19地铁人民广场站19号出口) Phone: +86 21 2312 9888 Contact: Vivian Huang Mobile +86 135 0167 2753 Email:


Sales have concluded

When and Where

 September 5, 2017 at 6:30 PM


 September 5, 2017 at 8:30 PM

 No. 555 Middle Xizang Road, Shanghai, P. R. China (Subway station People's Square, Exit #19)