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Welcome to the Crafty Beer Fest - supporting the Craft beer industry in Shenzhen and with great beers from around the world.

欢迎来到精酿啤酒节 - 支持深圳的工艺啤酒行业和来自世界各地的啤酒。

This beer festival is open for everyone, bring your friends for a relaxed drink with some acoustic playing in the background from our live band, accompany your children along to enjoy some fantastic food from our international food vendors and play fun games, why not even bring your boss and show them the wonders of Craft Beer. If you just wanna get drunk and dance away to the band after sunset then we've lined up some awesome DJ's to keep you going well into the night.

本次啤酒节面向所有公众,您可以带上您的朋友点来上几杯风味佳酿、在现场乐队的音乐中度过一个惬意的夜晚;也可以和您的孩子们一起在派对上享受美食,玩游戏,甚至可以带您的老板来,向他们展示精酿啤酒的绝妙。 如果你只是想在日落之后喝醉、跳舞,那么我们也为您安排了一些很棒的DJ,让你度过一个尽兴愉悦的夜晚。

The Local Breweries : 本地精酿啤酒吧

E.T Brewery - SZ - HouHai Metro Station (后海地铁站)


Fubar - SZ - ShuiWan Metro Station (水湾地铁站)


Fury Brewing - SZ - Seaworld Metro Station (海上世界地铁站)


ZhenKer Craft Beer - 圳客精酿啤酒 - SZ - MinZhi Metro Station


Treehouse - DongGuan


The International Breweries : 国际精酿品牌

Boulevard Brewing Co - U.S.A

Firestone Brewing - U.S.A

Zeffer Cider - New Zealand

Aspalls Cider - U.K

The Food & Drinks 饮食物

Les 5 Chefs -The team at Les 5 Chefs produce high-quality, amazing food - all freshly made on the day. You'll get to enjoy a number of their dishes and much more.



George and Dragon - These guys know exactly what they're doing when it comes to a classic BBQ - Pig in the box will be available as well as the usual great pub grub, such as burgers, chips and other wonderful food. 乔治和龙则准备传统酒吧菜肴,包括烧烤乳猪,汉堡,薯条和其他经典菜。


Amazon Berry - You're in good hands with the team at Amazon Berry. They have the best quality ingredients from the superfood, the Acai Berry, which they whiz into a silky smooth, mouth-watering smoothie. They'll wow you with their wonderful teas with over 20x more antioxidants than blueberries and if you're feeling peckish, then you will feel full and revitalized by their granola + superfood packed breakfast bowls.


The Deli - Shenzhen

We at the Deli Shenzhen are passionate about using the best of local and imported ingredients to produce a carefully curated selection of fresh and cured meats. Produced fresh in small batches and delivered to your door.


The Carny Games

There will be a number of games at the festival to try your hand at. You'll be given one free try at any of our games with your ticket which includes;


Ring Toss

Coconut Shy

Bean Toss


By playing these games, you'll be able to win prizes as well as have fun, betting your mates who can do the best!


The Music

We will have a wide range of music for you to sit back and relax to throughout the day, from chilled out house beats, to sing-a-long tunes, acoustic guitar songs, a band and a DJ. You'll have no problem enjoying the vibes that we'll be playing whilst sipping your cold beers.

们将为您提供各种各样的音乐,您可以全天候放松身心,因为我们有舒适的居家小调、年度流行,即兴木吉他演奏,还有超棒的乐队和DJ。 在一口口啜饮透心凉的冻啤酒同时,我们的音乐绝对能让你度过一个放松愉悦的夜晚。


A big thank you to our sponsors for supporting this event!

Anchor Sponsors

Zeffer Cider - Boulevard Brewing - Firestone Brewing

Gold Sponsors

ShenzhenEat - NoGoGo

Silver Sponsors

FurBar - Craft - Secret Spot - Micro Mart

Media Partners

That's PRD- Y-fans



Slow bird tickets are available for 70rmb and each ticket will provide the bearer:


2 x 200ml Tasters


Raffle Ticket for Prizes


2 Game Tokens



If all of that doesn't sound exciting enough, then we have something truly special. For the first 200 people that buy tickets, they will receive, not 1, not 2 but 3 free drinks around Shenzhen.


1) A free glass of wine at Secret Spot - XiChong. Sit back, relax and watch the sunset as you sip a glass of wine offered by our partners at Secret Spot.

2) A free glass of single malt at FurBar - TaoYuan. Love a good whisky? Then you're in the right place - FurBar is a wonderful Cocktail and Whisky bar, waiting for you to relax to some jazz beats and sip your free single malt.

3) A bottle of cider at Craft - Shekou. Join the guys at craft who, you may have guessed, love all things craft - just like we do!! Get on down to Craft to see what they have on offer.


Sales have concluded

When and Where

 October 14, 2017 at 12:00 PM


 October 14, 2017 at 10:00 PM

 Sofunland, Xili, Shenzhen, China

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