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+This is a DAY TIME event, BRING UR OWN CUP, come BEFORE 4PM+

敲重点:这是一个日间活动, 炎炎夏日的午后,带上你自己的杯子赶在4点前来玩耍吧!


2020, a dramatic year where our friend circle shrinks so much. We are all wondering where did our gang go??? While the others like the stars in the galaxy shining their light into our lives from afar, this is a gathering for us to party up and to meet new friends through each other. 

2020年是一个充满戏剧性的一年, 我们的朋友,朋友的朋友分散在世界各个角落。难道我们的玩乐小帮派就此消失了吗? ? ? 当然不!这样一个午后的聚会,就是为了把留守在上海的我们和新朋友联系起来,让我们远方的朋友也来隔空感受这一份热情吧!


This is a DAY TIME event. To help you cool down, we have plenty of shades and some baby pools for you to play in, feel free to bring your water guns. To encourage you arriving early, presale tickets starts at 30RMB for entry before 4pm, some casual day partying, who doesn't want that? 

再次强调:这是场夏日午后的聚会。为了不让大家忍受暴晒的辛苦,现场会有大片遮荫纳凉的地方,也会有小泳池供大家戏水,所以要记得带泳衣和水上玩具哦! 为了鼓励大家早到, 我们专门设置了低价预售门票4点前30元。这样一场悠闲的午后派对,谁不想呢? 

For the kickoff, we have an intimate rooftop space, with our own bar, a “beach” next to the baby pools, so bring bathing suits and towels. Let's enjoy some good tunes from friends. We want to have a jolly time feeling our souls free and energy recharged by friendship. 

来看看吧,我们有一个私密的屋顶空间, 有我们自己的特供酒吧, 还有 “沙滩”+小泳池呢!所以记得带泳衣和毛巾哦。还有我们的朋友打碟,带来美妙的旋律,彻底放飞我们的灵魂,给我们的新旧友谊来一次霹雳充电吧!


12-2pm Shambhala Warrior

2-4pm Thee Baron b2b Metermaid

4-6pm Lev Zep

6-8pm DJ Beardslap

8-10pm Nanotech w/Johannes (live drum)


BRING YOUR OWN CUP for proper drinks from the bar


Come celebrate August Babies free birthday cake 


Babypools ready to go! Bring bathing suits & towels 



++++DOOR TICKETS现场票++++

Before 4pm = 50 RMB 下午4点前 = 50 RMB

After 4pm = 100RMB 下午4点后 = 100RMB


  • MUST show GREEN CODE upon entry 需要出示绿色健康码方可进入场地。
  • If you arrive after your ticket's indicated time, you will need to pay the difference to the door price. E.g. holding presale before 4pm ticket but arrived at 8pm, pay 100-30=70RMB at door. There will be NO REFUNDS from online, please be sure you pay the difference. 如果你晚到于你购票所示的时间,那么你需要现场支付差价。比如你购买了下午4点前的预售票但是你晚上8点才到, 那么你需要现场支付差价70元。这次活动不提供退票退款服务, 请谨慎购票。
  • Conscious Aspirations means making conscious decisions. Let's start by bring your own cup. You might want to make sure your cup is big enough for the icy drinks we will pour ya! 保护地球第一步:带你自己的杯子。最好带个足够大的杯子来装带冰块的饮品。
  • This is meant to be a non commercial party, just between friends who wants to have fun together. Presales tickets are cheap, get them and brings your friends, and COME EARLY. We will prepare a birthday cake to be shared with everyone to celebrate the celestial babies born in August.这是一个非商业的聚会, 仅仅局限于朋友之间的玩乐。所以预售门票很便宜, 大家一定要早点来哦。我们还会准备一个生日蛋糕和大家分享,庆祝在八月份出生的宝宝们
  • ADDRESS: 235 Moganshan Rd, North Gate, 6F, outside of 168 restaurant. Put in didi: 昌化路/莫干山路(Changhua Rd/Moganshan Rd) then walk on Moganshan Rd toawrds E, you will past the North Gate to enter the furniture mall. Immediately take elevator upon entry to 5F, go out to the patio area. Look for our signs. Closest metro: Line 13 Jiangning Rd stations 地址: 莫干山路235号月星家居北门6楼露台 打车路线: 昌化路/莫干山路,然后莫干山路上过去北门进入家具商场。马上上电梯到5楼,会有指路标识。最近的地铁站:13号线江宁路



Sales have concluded

When and Where

 August 8, 2020 at 12:00 PM


 August 8, 2020 at 10:00 PM