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Through professional guidance, students will prepare and learn how to present their unique portfolio and apply to a University abroad. The first impression makes the difference, specially in the fashion world, and the portfolio is the most important tool for self promotion of young designers. 

  • Portfolio Principals (define your market, season and specialization), croquis development.
  • Portfolio Content overview. Overall Aesthetics, critique collection clarity, flow and layout.
  • Conceptual Thinking & Storyboard (mood, colors, materials and textures). Fashion Illustrations & Technical Drawings rendering techniques. Review mood board and edit croquis book.
  • Final critique, cover and paper choice.
  • Prepare a professional portfolio to apply to a University abroad.
  • Prepare a personal portfolio to showcase the trainee’s artistic world and history.
  • Prepare a comercial portfolio, client-oriented, with a personal interpretation of the brand concerned.
  • Be prepared to present the portfolio and the projects successfully.



  • 组合原则(定义你的市场,季节和专业),素描发展。 
  • 组合内容概述。整体美学,批判收集明晰,流动与布局。
  • 概念思维和故事板(心情、色彩、材料和纹理)。时装插图和技术图纸绘制技巧。检查心情板和编辑素描书。
  • 最终评论,封面和纸张选择。
  • 准备一个专业的作品集去申请国外的大学
  • 准备一个个人作品集,展示学员的艺术世界和经历。 
  • 准备一个商业性的作品集锦,以客户为导向,对相关品牌进行个人解读。
  • 准备成功展示作品集和项目。 
  • The Fashion Portfolio program last for 3 months of 5 weekly sessions (60 training sessions)
  • Each session has 4 hours of training, that will consist in case studies, exercises and projects review.
  • Each trainee receives a Completion Certificate when successfully completing this course.


  • 时尚作品集项目持续3个月 , 每周5期(共60期培训)
  • 每期有4小时的培训,包括案例研究、练习和项目复习。
  • 每名学员在成功完成此课程后将收到一份结课证书。

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 January 22, 2021 at 6:00 PM

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