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Welcome to the Great and Amazing 2018, fellow Ladies Who Tech and friends.

We are super excited to announce that our first and next Ladies Who Tech in Action in 2018 will partner up with eBay China,Global Women Connect (GWC) on Wednesday, 17-January! 

You will hear from Vivian Tian, GM of eBay China Center of Excellence and Diana Varghese, head of IT operations in China for the largest bank in India.


我们非常兴奋的分享给大家,2018年科技女性企业行动的首场活动我们将会和eBay中国还有Global Women Connect一起来举办。在这次的活动上你们将会聆听到eBay中国总裁Vivian Tian 以及印度中国银行技术总监Diana Varghese的分享。

This year, we also would like to change our format slightly by adding more fun and an educational section for everyone to learn and get to know each other more. Therefore, this January, we will introduce Lego Serious Play concept for the ice breaking part. Everyone will have a chance to play lego and get to know each other better.



Featured Speakers 分享嘉宾

Vivian Tian- GM, eBay China Center of Excellence



Vivian Tian is currently GM for eBay China Center of Excellence (CCOE), an offshore technology organization of around 500 employees. eBay CCOE is a technology powerhouse with the expertise on big data analytics, large-scale distributed computing, big data platform and infrastructure , cloud platform, search and data science to deliver incredible results not only to our eBay customers but also to the open source community. Apache Kylin and Eagle developed by CCOE are remarkable top-level Apache open source projects.

Meanwhile, Vivian invested deeply in growing talents in the organization, serving as executive sponsor of the CCOE Tech University where technical, leadership, management courses and mentor/coach programs to accelerate the growth the team.  

Vivian has been working in R&D for more than 25 years with over 20 years’ management experience in multi-national companies where she took various R&D leadership roles like R&D Manager, Program Manager, Release Manager, General Manager and holds intensive experience in building large R&D organizations in China, managing product roadmap and priorities, delivering high quality products, establishing strong engagement with business partners.

Vivian received a BS in Computer Software and an MS in Computer Science from Harbin Institute of Technology, China, and an MBA and BiMBA degree from Peking University.

Vivian Tian目前是eBay中国研发中心总经理(ccoe),中心目前有约500名员工。eBay中国研发中心是用大数据分析的专业技术中心,大规模的分布式计算,大数据平台和基础设施,云计算平台、搜索和数据科学来为eBay客户以及我们的开源社区提供服务。Apache Kylin and Eagle 就是有eBay中国研发中心开发的顶级Apache开源项目。

同时, Vivian对于研发中心的人才成长也投入的大量精力。她也是研发中心大学的执行赞助者,在技术、领导、管理课程和导师或教练计划加快团队的成长。



Diana Varghese - Manager Systems, China Operations, State Bank of India



Diana Varghese is living in Shanghai with her 5 year old son and working as Manager Systems, in China for State Bank of India.

Diana specializes in structuring solutions in information technology for financial, non-financial, e-banking sectors for last 10 years.

She has started her career as an active team member and rose up to lead IT operations. She has excellent proficiency in developing, implementing, supporting and monitoring various teams and technical platforms. Diana has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Also, she is a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. She never stops learning and gains certificates and diplomas, laying them as stepping stones to have an edge on this fast changing techie world.

Diana believes that humble beginnings have the potential to grow when passion and dreams drive along. Every great leader is not a born leader but the blending of right mentorship at right situations made them change the world.

Diana Varghese和她5岁的儿子现在一起生活在上海,并在印度国家银行担任技术部的系统经理。




About Ladies Who Tech In Action 关于LWT企业行动系列

While many corporations are embracing diversity and inclusion in corporate policies, there is still a gender gap in STEM industries. Ladies Who Tech in Action series was established to bring companies and community together to engage in dialogue, foster new relationships, and further professional development to close this gap.

虽然很多的企业鼓励多元化并同时也在公司政策上实施,但是在STEM这些领域里,性别差距还是存在。Ladies Who Tech 企业行动系列就是希望可以把公司和STEM社群里的女性们连接起来,让他们之间沟通,促成新的关系成分以及专业上职业成长来缩小这个差距。

When and Where

 January 17, 2018 at 6:00 PM


 January 17, 2018 at 9:00 PM

 eBay, 2/F Tower 1 German Center, 88 KeYuan Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong, Shanghai