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Holger Volsing is Danish-French, "fell into a wine-barrel” in 1987 in Bordeaux. He worked and studied there for 10 years - with a diploma from Bordeaux Wine & Spirits school IPC and graduating from the University of Copenhagen meanwhile, until a desire of opening to the international wine world brought him to China, first time in 2001. He has been working here with the biggest players in all segments of the market. Since 2011 as independent, consulting western restaurant groups in Shanghai for direct import, as well as running over 200 events for wine and cognac top brands. He has also cooperated with a French-International wine magazine for stories about China wine market.

oggf4uxRRX7hBeYgOz6t.jpgTrepo Leriguier Brut Cuvee Solennelle NV


Origin: Champagne, France

Grape: Chardonnay

Style: Sparkling Dry | Citrus, white fruits, structure & intensity in youth

Medal: Elected Best in the World of 2010 (cit. Wikipedia)

Why Holger likes it: “Cuvee Solonnelle” is the most classical style in the range, majority of Chardonnay. A persistent flavor of citrus and white fruits, developing notes of exotic fruits and toasted bread after aging. Structure and intensity in the youth, subtlety and smoothness later… Finesse and intensity, perfect to accompany a meal, such as sushi, own baked fish with season vegetal, grilled king prawns. A great Champagne from a young and passionate producer Bertrand Trepo. Achieved listing on a leading airline’s First Class.Château de Musset 2006 AOC Lalande-de-Pomerol.

x1svbTlZyfYcGEpYPwwQ.jpgDelaunay Sauvignon de Touraine 2014 Loire Valley


Origin: Touraine AOC, France

Grape: Sauvignon-Blanc

Style: White | Fresh, gooseberry-citrus aroma

Why Holger likes it: Producer Delaunay is devoted to the best expression of the terroir and Loire Valley is the best area for Sauvignon-Blanc in France. An intense aroma of gooseberry and citrus in a fine balance, a round and mellow palate wine. Perfect to match avocado, chicory, greek salad, anchovy.

9YfjUd0OXZasmUpfwYVZ.jpgSkyline Chardonnay Reserve 2014, Xinjiang


Origin: Xinjiang, China

Grape: Chardonnay

Style: White | Heavy body, toasted bread, white fruits, citrus and overripe pears aromas

Why Holger likes it: The “Reserve” Chardonnay from Skyline, is a serious wine to compete with overseas counterparts. Pur nature, dry, hot and cold weather, a poor soil… Ingredients to make the vines suffer and develop deep roots, and the skin to become thick. Traditional Burgundy method including 9 months fermentation and aging in the best French oak barrels. Heavy body Chardonnay, toasted bread aroma backed with white fruits, citrus and overripe pears... Accompany fish in sauce, fine cheeses.


Chateau Caraguilhes 2014, Corbieres AOC, Organic certified


Origin: Languedoc VDP, France

Grape: Syrah 60% (carbonic maceration and traditional fermentation), Carignan 30%, Black Grenache 10% (traditional)

Style: Red |Solid tannin structure, medium-body, length & smoothness after breathing, leather & cassis

Why Holger likes it: Syrah, Carignan and some Grenache. Intensity and mineral, just 13% alcohol, rare from hot Corbieres ! Aromas of leather and cassis, a solid tannin structure, medium-body, length and smoothness after breathing. Decanting is recommended. Biological production. A passionate adventure since 2003 for couple Gabison. Matching grilled meat, strong cheeses.

Zy9zBXHQg8uoCqTGvlYK.jpgChâteau de Musset 2006, AOC, Lalande-de-Pomerol, Bordeaux


Origin: Lalande-de-Pomerol, Bordeaux AOC, France

Grape: Merlot 76%, Cabernet Sauvignon 19%, others 5%

Style: Red | Elegant & strong with medium body & solid structure

Why Holger likes it: It was a recent discovery from my import partner who bought all remaining bottles from the estate. You’ll enjoy the elegance and strength from a medium body classic Bordeaux from a great vintage, showing the complexity of Merlot and Cabernet Franc from the Pomerol plateau. Liquorice, cherry, smooth with a solid tannin structure behind. Decanting recommended. Perfect for game and duck with red berry jam.

RHISbEIgAMv1iQA0K4Bw.jpgFattori Valpollicella Ripasso DOC Col de la Bastia 2010


Origin: Col de la Bastia, Ripasso DOC, Italy

Grape: Corvina 65%, Corvione 15%, Rondinella 10%, others 10%

Style: Red | Dense, sweet spices, tobacco, chocolate

Why Holger likes it: If you had a chance to meet owner Antonio Fattori, you would immediately understand why his wines are so special. He’s passionate about achieving the extraordinary. His wines go from “very good” to “great”. The “Ripasso" has a status of it’s own, made by the area’s unique method. The Valpolicella wine will re-macereted on the pomace from the dried Amarone grapes, which is adding a new dimension: It’s dense, rich, sweet spices, tobacco, chocolate. It for a special moment, best after the dinner, with a cigar and dark chocolate.

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Sales have concluded

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