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with Federica Buonsante

In our society the artistic product has now become a commodity, sold like meat at the counter of the supermarket. We are increasingly surrounded by artworks closed within galleries and museums, saturated with content, and lacking in functions and intentions. But how many of those who go to an art exhibition, have also delighted themselves in painting open-air, under a springy afternoon, just like Van Gogh did? Man cannot fail to create, as to create is an innate need, and that is what makes us all humans. Increasingly in contact with technological machines and less with human beings, we are losing contact with our most innate senses, and the sensitivity necessary to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. In other words, technology advances and humanity is left behind. How to go back to conceiving art and culture in a sustainable way?


The SHARE / CARE project is born out of this question. Is it possible to modify the collective imaginary linked to art and the principle of sharing through a collective project. It happens in a space where individual and collective dimension are deeply connected. The only hope to returning the arts the dignity they deserves: the human value and the high transformative potential. A multidisciplinary path to open the mind, and return to appreciate the world in all its beauty, starting from our cultural production. Art is not a commodity. Art is first of all care, transformation, energy, feeling.


This path is aimed at those who have a voice and those who believe they don’t, for those who have a passion and for those who believe they don’t. For those curious souls that just want to contribute to the puzzle of humanity. The workshop is aimed at all ages. Artists and non-artists by act and by definition, for both children and adults, adults-children. About 10 minutes per person, everyone has the opportunity to share their own creation without the anxiety of selling themselves out, but enjoy the act of giving. Share/Care: creation requires attention. Sharing it is an act of care.


Saturday June 1, 3PM
6月1日, 下午3点
Free admission 免费入场

1900 Loft
465 Dingxi Road

About the Artist // 关于艺术家

Federica Buonsante works as a researcher, author, educator, and artist in Shanghai. She does not love titles and definitions and has a complicated relationship with social networks. The only certain thing is her love for experimentation. She grew up in the South of Italy, the only thing able to discipline her as a child was the theatre practice of CEOT and ITACA. She graduated in Modern Culture and Literature (Chinese Studies) with a focus on experimental and transcultural Chinese Theatre. Focusing on Contemporary Chinese Culture (UCC) she concluded her MA with a thesis on the world of contemporary art in Shanghai. In 2016, she won a PhD fellowship in Fine Arts Theory, department of Public Art, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. Since then, her research focuses on public art practices from a comparative perspective, addressing universalities and cultural specificities in both China and Italy. She is researcher for the the Institute for Public Art (United States, China), and collaborates with Public Art Magazine (Shanghai). She took part in public art programmes in Chinese countryside along with various institutions such as Public Art Coordination Center, Dimension Art Center, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and China Academy of Fine Art. She currently conducts experimental education labs with kids, mixing language learning with creative expression. Federica believes that art is like Chinese medicine: natural preventive care for the body, the spirit and the mind of human society.

Federica Buonsante是上海的研究员、作家、教育家和艺术家。她不喜欢头衔和定义,以及与社交网络有着复杂的关系。唯一确定的事情是她对实验的热爱。她在意大利南部长大唯一能够像儿时一样训练她的事情就是CEOT 和 ITACA的戏剧实践。她毕业于现代文化和文学(中国研究),专注于实验和跨文化的中国戏剧。着眼于当代中国文化,她以一篇关于上海当代艺术世界的论文结束了她的硕士学位。2016年,她获得了上海美术学院公共艺术理论专业的博士学位。从那时起,她的研究重点就是从比较的角度研究公共艺术实践,探讨中国和意大利的普遍性和文化特殊性。她是公共艺术研究所(美国,中国)的研究员,以及公共艺术杂志(上海)的合作者。她参加了中国农村公共艺术项目,与各种机构一起,如公共艺术协调中心,维度艺术中心,四川美术学院和中国美术学院。她目前与孩子们一起开展实验教育实验室,将语言学习与创造性表达相结合。 Federica认为艺术就像中医:自然预防护理着人类社会的身体,精神和思想。


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When and Where

 June 1, 2019 at 3:00 PM


 June 1, 2019 at 5:00 PM

 465 Dingxi Road, Shanghai, China