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Yoky Yu's Coaching Clients Testimonials:

Yoky is impressive in coaching talent. Her smart questions lead me to find out what I really foucus on. Coaching is helpful for strengthen self-awareness, to finger out the key issue of developing potential, to clarify your target and what to do. I'd appreciate your kind conversation.

---- Anne

This session is very helpful. Honestly I didn't expect this high before it. Several good points I'd like to summarize about my experience of this session: She let me relax and open up easily; her pace is quite appropriate so I can have the freedom to tell when I have the urge and she just let the flow go without stopping me; she asked great inspirational questions that help me move on to think at the perfect timing; and the questions she asked are natural and genuine and I feel like they are customized for me. There are many other good points I can't finish here. But all in all the experience is wonderful! I think she can be a great coach or she is already one now! Good job Yoky!

---- Spring

Through 1.5 hours productive and creative conversation,you led me to get deeper understanding for myself -entered a unconscious world impressively .

Before the coach session I never realize I would be always little warm sun in my heart --not only brightening myself but the people surrounding me.More impressively I am grateful you inspired me to get the theory in a creative way - positive action plus clear target will bring sense of proudness-which is critical feeling for my inner happiness.

----Sandy Liu

The session with Yoky was very relaxed and enjoyable. Yoky listens with patience, ask questions which stimulate thoughts. This experience accelerated my self-reflection, figured out some answer I never though of, reconfirmed some thoughts and cleared up a plan I can work on. One suggestion for coaching is: come with positivity and openness, trust the coach, believe she/he can bring you through a benefiting journey, the result is actually largely rely on yourself, your engagement and openness.

---- Suyi Zhao

I really enjoyed the coaching session with Yoky. she had a wonderful aura that made me feel ready to be open to her as soon as we started the session. By asking some metaphorical but very powerful questions, she helped me go inside and explore myself. It was amazing when so many ideas that I have been oblivious to came up and I felt more conscious of what really matters me inside. There were some challenging moments for sure as some questions really pushed me to think hard but at the end of the session, when we talked about the take-away points, I was surprised by how much more I had become aware of myself and my passion and it really worth the time and efforts. I feel grateful to Yoky and I have really figured out a few steps I can take to get closer to my goal. Thanks to Yoky. You are wonderful. :)



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