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The African Culinary Journey 


On May 21st  you have an opportunity to experience Africa’s culinary diversity like never before in Beijing. This event will feature a sampling menu of dishes from various African locations and will spotlight young African chefs with a beautiful passion to share the range and deliciousness of African food from Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Here's what they have to say about themselves and the extraordinary night of dining ahead...

The Chefs


Dee from Kenya

“I am a chef that is keen on how authentic cuisine is made. My food is made with love and a lot of care just for my lovely customers”


Limya from Sudan

“I will be making a Sudanese dish called eggplant salad - it’s a traditional dish that will be followed by a Kerkerde drink. I hope you all will like it”


Gladmore from Zimbabwe

“A highly motivated and capable professional chef with experience in modern cuisine”


Abi from Ethiopia

“To me, cooking is more than just mixing ingredients, It’s a culture. It is a way of sharing and spreading love on a plate.”

The Menu



Join us for this adventure in taste and culture as we continue to celebrate Africa in China for Africa Week, with the ultimate goal of improving relations and raising funds for our African Start-up Pitch Competition on May 26. Spaces for this dinner experience are limited so save your place to African dine the night away! 



1. Please write "BEEF" or "VEG" in the order NOTES section to select the beef or vegetarian Injera main course option. Both options are extremely delicious but if you do not make this choice clear you will automatically be served the vegetarian-friendly style of this famous Ethiopian delicacy.

2. The location is also extra special and the complete address will be revealed in full in a follow-up email after you purchase your golden ticket. 


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When and Where

 May 21, 2019 at 7:00 PM


 May 22, 2019 at 10:30 PM

 光华西里1号 温莎大道5号楼

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