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Introduction to Compassionate Communication and Transactional Analysis WorkshopBilingual

沟通培训 (同理沟通+沟通分析)/ 中英双语 

This bilingual communication workshop is combining Eric Berne‘s Transactional Analysis Model (TA) with Marshall Rosenberg‘s Compassionate Communication Process (also known as nonviolent communication). This unique combination of both concepts creates a powerful synergy which makes this workshop so effective.  

特力曼先生创新的将心理学家埃里克-本恩 的 “沟通分析模型” (TA) 与冲突调解大师马歇尔-卢森堡博士 的“同理式沟通”(也称为“非暴力沟通”)相结合,并辅助以实际工作及生活案例练习,使得沟通培训达到了前所未有的深刻性和效果性。

The transactional analysis sets a framework and basis to increase awareness on how we are wired and typically communicate with each other. Furthermore, it helps to understand which options we have in reacting to other people that are triggering us. 

简言之,“沟通分析” 提供了一个理论框架,帮助我们了解人们的自我状态以及其如何影响人与人之间的沟通模式。在提升自我认知的基础上,帮助我们理解如何在不同情境下选择有效的应对模式。

The four step compassionate communication process then serves as a practical guide onhow to successfully apply a more sustainable and constructive communication strategies. It is an insightful instruction to learn how to better relate towards one another, especially in challenging situations or conflicts. 

延续TA的理论框架,“同理式沟通” 为我们提供了一套沟通策略指南。面对日常沟通中的挑战及冲突,它教会我们如何运用沟通四要素,通过与他人连接使可持续的建设性的有效沟通成为可能。

This workshop will mainly strengthen self-awareness and empathy skills. It will help to better understand what is going on within ourselves and in others while establishing the basis for a connection with the other one by the power of empathy. This connection then is the channel to honestly express what we want and need while also taking into consideration the other one‘s needs, values and wishes.



This is what participants can expect from this session:


1. Understand the basic ego state concept of the transactional analysis Model. Learn how to differentiate between parent, adult and child ego states and its sub ego states. Reflect upon own ego state profile (egogram) and how it can help to identify weaker ego states。


2. Understand and experience in role plays which ego state triggers what kind of behaviour. Get inspired to experiment with different ego states in order to allow more constructive and adult behavior in others. 


3. Understand the concept of "I am ok, you are OK" as a basic attitude vs. the other more unfavorable attitudes such as "I am ok, you are not ok", "I am not ok, you are ok" or "I am not ok, you are not ok”。


4.  Get a glimpse of what differentiates compassionate communication from the way we typically communicate and why it is more effectively meeting our needs.

对比“同理式沟通” 与我们的常用沟通模式的本质区别,深刻体会沟通的真正目的。

5. Understand & experience the four steps of the compassionate communication process and including the differences between observation and interpretation, pure feelings and judgmental feelings, needs and strategies, requests and demands.


6. Learn about the three pillars of compassionate communication. Understand that there is another approach that can be used to solve or mitigate (old) conflicts.

通过“同理式沟通”的三部曲(静默同理、表达同理、提出请求) 的练习,尝试调解冲突,寻求不同的解决方案。

7. Understand the importance of autonomy and attitude towards others as a pre-requisite to connect with others and enable giving from the heart.

理解自愿性及平等态度在沟通中的重要性- 这是与他人连接的前提,以及由衷给予的源头。

Max. participants/ 参加者最多: 15 人

Organized by/ 提供平台: 8C Space 

Facilitator/ 培训师: Tilman Rieger 

Language/ 语言: English with Chinese Interpretation/ 中英双语 

Standard Prize/ 价格: 350 RMB

About the Facilitator/ 培训师简介:


Tilman Rieger

With 15 years of human resources and 10 years of international leadership experience mainly in the automotive industry, Tilman is an HR and Leadership expert, who is deeply committed to and passionate about cross-cultural communication since he has lived, studied and/or worked, among other places, in Chicago, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Madrid, Zürich and Shanghai (since 01/2015). 


Tilman not only designs, conducts, and facilitates (intercultural) leadership training and workshops for both managers and associates across different business fields and cultural backgrounds, he is also an experienced and certified executive coach with special expertise on the field of business mediation/ conflict management (non-violent communication), transactional analysis, mindfulness and career transitioning. 


Tilman holds degrees in Personnel Management & Economy as well as a Master's in Educational Science, Psychology and Sociology. He is fluent in German, English and Spanish and also is proficient in French as well as possessing intermediate Mandarin language skills (HSK3/4). 


Tilman has the German and US- American nationality. 



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When and Where

 May 21, 2019 at 1:30 PM


 May 21, 2019 at 6:00 PM

 VDA QMC Office, Room 1108, Building 7, 968# Jinzhong Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China or 上海市长宁区晋中路968号7号楼1108室