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In today's fast paced demanding world, it is important to stay updated and competitive with your communication, performance and leadership skills. Whether you are already leading a company or team, or just starting out, self actualization is fundamental in being a successful leader. 

Effective Leadership is more crucial today than ever. It requires a sense of purpose by pursuing goals that align with our personal values and advance the collective good. 

The effective leaders determined by Harvard Business Review is the person who can look beyond the status quo to what is possible and take risks to achieve it. Such leaders are seen as authentic and trustworthy because this goal is the service of shared goals - they connect others to a larger purpose, inspire commitment, boost resolve and help colleagues find a deeper meaning in their work. -

This  series of “Recognize your power” strives to develop, empower, and enable you to activate your strengths and talents by increasing your leverage, influence and leadership. 

During these workshops participants with leave with a clear understanding of the essential pillars in building an impactful leadership today. Including what the best practices of Problem Solving & Critical thinking are, how to strengthen your Growth Mindset and ultimately, determine what do you need to do for an Impactful Leadership in the new era.


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 October 21, 2021 at 3:01 PM


 December 31, 2021 at 3:01 PM

 Chengdu, China