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GGE Golf Tournament– in aid of You Dao 昱同体育高尔夫球赛 ~~ 于支持上海忧道

Dear Sir / Madam, 尊敬的先生们、女士们,

We are pleased to invite you to join the GGE Golf Tournament 2017 in aid of You Dao. This event is organizing by GGE, supported by PGA golf professionals; Tony Zhu & Gareth Winslow, and our long term partner, Rotary Club of Shanghai on 13th October 2017 at the Shanghai Silport Golf Club.

于以支持上海忧道,我们诚挚邀请您参加昱同体育高尔夫球赛”。本次活动将于2017年10月13日在上海旭宝高尔夫球场举行。而本次赛事由上海昱同体育主办,并由职业高尔夫手Tony 朱彤彤先生和Gareth Winslow温高力先生,以及我们长期的合作伙伴上海扶轮社共同协办本次的比赛。

This is an established charity golf tournament event that attracts close to 100 regular golfers, who all share the spirit of supporting the disadvantaged in our Shanghai community.


The You Dao aids migrant families in Shanghai, serving their communities in a number of ways, such as by providing scholarships and organizing activities for children from low-income migrant families, donating library books and equipment to migrant schools, conducting home visits to offer further assistance. It also coordinates volunteer supported activities through arts & crafts and provides emergency funding for desperate situations.


You Dao Foundation is a registered charity under Hong Kong law which has served the migrant worker community in Shanghai from 2005 to 2016, and has now been succeeded by a local NGO, the Shanghai You Dao Social Services Centre, our mission being to:

  • Raising awareness about social responsibility to support migrants
  • Building alliances and partnerships, in order to support migrants
  • Helping migrants in practical ways so that their lives can be improved


  • 提高公众对帮助外来民工子弟的社会责任意识
  • 建立盟友与合作伙伴得以共同支持外来民工子弟
  • 提供各种可操作性的方式让民工子弟家庭的生活水平得以提高

Shanghai Golf Growth Education (GGE) was founded in 1998 as a golf sports education concept and is a unique mode of operation for the majority of young people to carry out education and training company. The founder of GGE is China PGA Golf Professional Tony Zhu, current Deputy Director of Youth Development Committee of Shanghai Golf Association, supporting the first batch of golfers in Shanghai being one of the top 10 golf coaches in China. Tony has more than 30 years of competition, teaching golf and golf course management experience, leading to a deep understanding of the importance of golf education starting in the primary schools. This can benefit a vast numbers of young students. The first Chinese athlete to compete in the US Women's Open Ye-Liying, started her golf life at Tony Zhu's training centre.


New Zealand PGA Golf Professional Gareth Winslow, current Head Coach of the Shanghai Women’s Golf Team, is widely regarded as one of the leading golf coaches in Asia. His extensive experience includes three years as the Guangzhou Junior Team Head Coach, three years as the Northland Provincial Team Head Coach, six years with the David Lead better Golf Academy and two years as the China Women’s National Team Head Coach, where at the 2010 Asian Games, he led his team to two silver medals, China’s greatest ever achievement at this prestigious event.

新西兰职业高尔夫球员Gareth Winslow温高力教练,现任为上海女子高尔夫球队主教练,是亚洲公认的主要高尔夫教练之一。温教练拥有着十分广泛的高尔夫教学经历,他曾担任广州青少年高尔夫球队主教练三年、新西兰Northland省队主教练三年,并在David Lead better高尔夫学院任教6年。在担任中国女子高尔夫国家队主教练的两年中,他带领国家队在2010年亚洲高尔夫比赛中取得了中国历史上最好的成绩,赢取了两枚银牌。

The Rotary Club of Shanghai (RCS) is group of diverse and cosmopolitan individuals aiming at making a difference who meet regularly for fellowship and dedicated to community services under the motto of ‘’Service Above Self’’, using the network and experiences of Rotary clubs in the world. Our commitment as a Rotary Club of Shanghai, in favor of You Dao Foundation, demonstrates our desire to support projects for the local communities.

上海扶轮社(RCS Rotary Club of Shanghai)是由一群多元化的外籍商务人士组成,我们秉持着“超我服务”的领导宗旨,通过世界各地扶轮社的资源及经验, 致力于为当地社会做出贡献。我们作为志愿者,通过本次活动, 支持上海忧道公益服务中心在本地社会进行的项目。

For more information, please contact: 如需了解活动详情,请联系:

Louisa Hung 洪小姐 Mobile: 139 1738 3331 Email:

Terri Lau 刘小姐 Mobile: 139 1660 4590 Email:

GGE, You Dao and Rotary Club of Shanghai thank you for your generosity and hope that we can successfully help the migrant families.


We look forward to working with you for a mutually rewarding result. 我们期待与您有一个互利共赢的成果。

Thanking you for your kind consideration. 再次感谢您的合作!谢谢!

Your Sincerely,

Core Team of GGE Golf Tournament 昱同体育高尔夫球赛筹委会


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When and Where

 October 13, 2017 at 9:00 AM


 October 13, 2017 at 8:00 PM

 Silport Golf Club, Shanghai, China