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Join us on Friday, November 20, 2020, from 6-10pm, for an Investment & Economic Enterprises Business Community Art Business Mixer featuring artists Redic and Orlando Daga at 218 Art Space (218 Wending Road - 218文定路) in Xuhui Shanghai, easily accessible from the Yishan Lu or Xujiahui Subway stations (See Below).  All attendees may have one free glass of wine and a caviar and yogurt snack at the event.


The Investment & Economic Enterprises Business Community is a platform focused on opportunities in investment, trade, tourism, art, education, sports and technology.  The organization hosts a series of business events, provides guidance and support, and acts as a liaison between businesses, organizations and governments, to facilitate the success of our members.


NICO’s DISCOUNT Lair is a Sino-European WeChat discount group that lets the final customers to get drinks (wines, beers, soft) directly from importers and distributors at competitive prices.


Shanghai Viking Gold Ltd is a Chinese company registered in Shanghai, China, founded by Norwegian entrepreneurs.  The daily operations are done from the company's office in Shanghai, as the company's operations largely revolves around import  of healthy and safe  Scandinavian Food and Beverage to the Chinese market. In addition to imported products from Scandinavia to China, the company is also engaged in export of electronics, lighting, safety products, automotive and maritime accessories, etc, from China to Scandinavia, EU and USA Caviar is an absolutely balanced product, which along with remarkable quality has also plenty of nutrients useful for your body.  It includes minerals such as phosphorus, iodine and calcium to help normalize joint condition. For hundreds of years people from Sweden, Norway and Finland have made Kaviar from cod eggs. A product now often called in Sweden "Smørgåskaviar".


Yeyo is a Greek-style dairy-free coconut yogurt. Crafted from premium coconut and packed with probiotics, Yeyo provides diverse nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. Rich and creamy, each decadent bite is a gift from the coconut tree (and the pure flavour is sugar free!) Our mission is to create delicious food from nature that is loved by our taste buds, good for our bodies, and better for the planet.


BRICE Valley Entrepreneur Elite International Club is a cross-sector, cross-industry and cross-regional non-profit organization. Our members are: executives from Fortune 500 companies, multinational and domestic listed companies; founders of fast-growing high-tech companies in China; partners of well-known Chinese and foreign law and accounting firms; investors from well-known investment companies (PE\VC); senior experts from strategic consulting companies; leaders in various industries, technical fields and provincial and municipal development zones in the Yangtze River Delta region. BRICE Valley adheres to our core philosophy to "promote honest business by actively contributing to society to benefit future generations". We strive to build bridges among and between enterprises and governments, to provide information exchange, resource sharing and development for common good.


World Youth Summit NPC (WYS NPC) is a Non-Profit Organization with the aim to become a global champion for the Education and Employment of the youth and women.  WYS NPC has set goals related to Quality Education, Gender, Equality and Decent Work & Economic Growth to be achieved by 2030. These goals are primarily focused on ensuring that the youth, particularly those from vulnerable and less privileged communities, are given access and opportunity to good education and training in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, leadership, project management to help them participate in their respective country’s economy so as to gain their own financial gain while contributing to sustainable development for the continent.

HongDan Trading consulting  service company - trading, consulting service of import export goods, company management, organization of events and show programs Me:

hfZ2tC40s89tjTDPtWs0.jpg (ExS), your local information about networking, associations, professional clubs, events, tips and promotions in Shanghai.  Our network is Your network, Join Us!


At Shanghai Consulting, we believe progress is everyone’s business. That’s why we commit our people, capital and ideas to help our clients and the communities we serve to grow.  Founded in 2018, Shanghai Consulting is a new type of firm where Clients needs come first. Headquartered in Shanghai, China we maintain remote offices in all major cities around the world.


Master Consultant - No. 1 Tailored Events provider in Shanghai. Whether an Annual Party, Family Fun day or Corporate Team-Building, our mission is the same: Innovate, Empower & Entertain.


NightFly is a company focus on upgraded night lifestyle development, mainly in fashion , entertainment, events sections. It encourages urban people to connect at night , so to improve nightlife quality and gain deeper happiness.


Holograph is a creative agency founded in New York City, now with locations in Shanghai and Hong Kong providing unique design and other experiential solutions for brands and events. With specialization in areas of video development, projection installation, interaction design and other visual, audio and music based solutions, their creative team can develop content and experiences utilizing a variety of platforms, and scalable to fit the needs of individual projects and productions.  With a vast affiliated global network of artists and designers across industries including fashion, illustration, animation, photography, architecture, street art and many others, Holograph brings together a collective of creative talent for unique networking experiences, as well as idea exchange in order to promote more cross-disciplinary project development, thus building a community dedicated to supporting others in both the educational and professional levels of art and design.


Bringing together leaders in Asia's transformation, restructuring and turnaround sector.  ATTA is the premier professional body in Asia that brings together leaders in the transformation and turnaround sector to share their executive experience and industry knowledge.  ATTA is a platform for innovative problem solvers working on the frontline of business transformation and turnaround management.  ATTA brings together professional experts share ideas, information and network with like-minded people.  ATTA community is in Shanghai/Greater Shanghai, Singapore/Asean and Hong Kong/Greater Bay Area.


TOLMAO Group is an integrated marketing agency that combines the traditional marketing tools with an innovative approach, creative thinking and a full understanding of the Chinese market. We specialize in creating a unique strategy for your brands in Asia, covering all the aspect of the business and helping your company to generate revenues.  TOLMAO offers a full range of marketing services, including Brand Identity Creation, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development, E-Commerce, Events Marketing, KOLs, Market Research, Product Analysis and more.


eArtH stands for expressive art healing and is a project created to help people to find their inner healing resources and their hidden artist. Art and healing are about healing yourself, others, or the earth by tapping into the creative energy that makes us unique. Each of us has deep within us an inner artist and an inner healer. The inner artist is the part of us that is passionately creative, that is in love, that feels connected to everything around us, that can see, that knows who we are, that is at home, and that is at peace. The inner healer is the part of us that balances our body perfectly and controls our blood flow and immune system. The inner healer keeps you alive and growing. Our healing sessions include painting, music, poetry, meditation, and dance to help to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, enhance self-confidence, enhance self-awareness, and pursue happiness. Art healing can be applied to all kinds of companies as a part of team building: it can reduce the work pressure of all participants, increase mutual trust, improve team integration and the ability to communicate in a group, improve work efficiency and realize personal value. At the present, our corporate customers include the Shanghai firefighters, medical staff, and lawyers. At the same time, we have regular workshops, four times a week, one on one or in groups of 8 to 18 persons, dedicated to helping everyone to enhance self-awareness, relieve anxiety, clarify life goals, and enhance self-confidence.


We are researching various trading strategies, such as: Pure Mathematical modeling. Usually used repeatedly in a very short period of time, lasting no more than 10 minutes. Shape Modeling. Taking a slightly longer period of time, usually more than 10 minutes. Price changes will take on different forms which can be reused, enabling the calculation of probabilistic factors. Genetic algorithm. It's not used alone, it's often used in conjunction with other algorithms, such as neural networks. Artificial Neural Network Algorithms. At present, used in many places, including trading. Neural networking can improve the accuracy of predicting price movements.



奥兰多·达加(Orlando Daga)出生于意大利弗利,在上海生活和工作。 Orlando Daga was born in Forlì , lives and works in Shanghai.  他来自一个艺术家族。从很小的时候起,他就对艺术的多种形式和表现充满了热情。在 18 岁时,他发现了绘画界的号召力,并采取行动完全接受了绘画。He comes from an artistic family. From a young age he has had a passion for art in its many forms and manifestations. At the age of 18 he found his calling in the discipline of painting and felt compelled to act upon it and fully embrace it.  对了解人类状况及其许多矛盾认知的渴望,导致他经历了长时间的自省,最终成为了他作品中的图像。得益于对互补色的广泛使用,观众可以潜意识地看到一个深层的真理。A longing to understand the human condition and its many contradictions has led him to many hours of introspection that ultimately materialize as the images in his works. Thanks to the liberal use of complementary colors viewers subconsciously glimpse a deep truth.

他的作品及其潜意识的信息和表达显露出这位艺术家的年轻和主要想法,例如我们是谁,我们来自何处以及我们将要去往何方,已成为他未来的指南。在这样的背景下,他的作品将现代社会的问题及其对关系的粗心态度以及对社会网络人为构建日益增加的偏好进行了分析,以帮助其创建妄想主义的存在。His work and its subliminal message and expression belies this artist's young age and primal questions such as who we are, where do we come from and where are we going already act as a guideline for his future. In this context his works look and analyze problems of modern society and its careless attitude towards relationships as well as its increasing preference towards the artificial construct of Social Networks to assist it in the creation of its delusional existence.

Redic 的艺术信条:“我相信音乐是生活的原声带,而艺术是生活的快照。作为一名艺术 家,我希望为人们提供反映人类体验的歌曲,视觉艺术,诗歌和时尚” – – Redic.  Redic's Artistic Creed: " I believe music is the soundtrack to life and art is a snapshot of life. As an artist I aspire to give people songs, visual art, poetry and fashion that reflect the human experience " – Redic.  Redic 出生于芝加哥,他是一位跨学科艺术家,致力于混合介质的创作,音乐的创作和表 演,诗歌的创作,时尚的创作。这使他成为了千禧年文艺复兴艺术家。通常,这些创意被 关联到一种独特的艺术表现形式中。Redic 成为专业艺术家已有 20 多年的经验,曾参加过 上海,北京,南京以及洛杉矶,亚特兰大和柏林的个展和群展。2010 年,在上海世博会
期间,Redic 的混合媒体组合雕塑在世界馆展出。他还曾多次担任美国驻北京大使馆和美 国驻上海领事馆的艺术大使。Redic was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with mixed media assemblage, writes and performs music, writes poetry, creates fashion; which make him a Millennium Renaissance Artist. Very often these creative disciplines are LINKED into one unique display of artistry. Redic has over 20 years of work as a professional artist, having participated in solo and group shows in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing as well as in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Berlin. In 2010, during the World Expo in Shanghai, Redic’s mixed media assemblage sculptures were featured in the World Pavilion. He has also served as “Arts Ambassador” for the US Embassy in Beijing and US Consulate in Shanghai on various occasions.
他在艺术装置,公共表演和协作团队方面经验丰富。作为表演音乐人/表演者,Redic 曾与 史蒂夫·旺德,艾瑞莎·富兰克林,娜塔莉·科尔,布莱恩·奈特等著名音乐人合作。 Redic 在国内外的许多出版物中都有报道。甚至赢得了国际艺术评论家 Ciara Ferguson 的称 赞。英国广播公司世界新闻,现代周刊,AD 杂志,ARTSY 杂志,超时,环球时报,上海 日报,ICS TV 和 LA Sentinel 等出版物和新闻媒体都曾经报道他。
He is experienced working on art installation projects, public performances, and collaborative teamwork. As a performing musician/entertainer, Redic has worked with celebrated musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Brian Knight and others. Redic has been featured in numerous publications in China and abroad; and even earned the praise of international art critic, Ciara Ferguson. Publications and news outlets such as BBC World News, MODERN WEEKLY, AD Magazine, ARTSY Magazine, Time Out, Global Times, Shanghai Daily, ICS TV and LA Sentinel have devoted space on him.






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