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Successfully dealing with challenging personalities at work and in private life
An introduction to Transactional Analysis.

Life is full of people you did not choose to be with and yet you have to get along with them on a daily basis. An authoritarian boss can make your work life a nightmare and a difficult colleague can drive you crazy. If you are a Manager yourself, you probably have at least one special character among your direct reports who is difficult to lead. In this workshop you will first of all learn to understand some psychological principles of behaviour. Then you will realize how you typically react under stress and why. In the end you will learn the most constructive strategies on how to best react to the challenging behavioural patterns of your manager, colleagues and/ or direct reports. This virtual workshop will be very interactive, fun and for sure mind-blowing. The workshop concept is based on the psychological framework of Transactional Analysis (mostly known for the Parent/Adult/Child Model). The workshop language will be English.

This is what participants can expect from this workshop: 

  • Decode your own personality and reaction patterns
  • Learn the best recipe for managing an authoritarian boss
  • Understand how to best deal with difficult colleagues 

About the Facilitator Tilman Rieger


With two decades of HR leadership, consulting, facilitation & coaching experience Tilman Rieger founded 8C Consulting in order to help his clients reach more effective communication, leadership and collaboration. 

In his former role as HR Director of General Motors Europe Tilman was overseeing 3000 employees across Europe and driving major corporate changes and restructurings. 

Today Tilman works as a certified executive coach, with particular expertise in transactional analysis, compassionate communication and cross-cultural management. He also passionately designs, conducts, and facilitates leadership training and workshops for both managers and associates across different business fields and cultural backgrounds. 

He is the President of the Shanghai Coaching Circle, and in the executive committee of China’s strongest public speaking club: Shanghai Leadership Toastmasters Club. 

Tilman holds degrees in Personnel Management & Economy as well as a Master's in Educational Science, Psychology and Sociology. 

About 8C Consulting

8C Consulting is a consulting company that helps to achieve highly-effective collaboration and communication in cross-cultural environments. We do this by applying two of the most powerful psychological approaches, transactional analysis and compassionate communication.

We offer 1:1 Executive Coaching, Workshop Facilitation, Collaboration Consulting and Business Mediation.

The synergy of TA and CC is unique and effectively facilitates sustainable transformation in individuals and groups. 

TA provides the basis to better understand how we communicate and what negatively triggers our and others’ destructive behaviors. CC can be seen as the practical guide towards a less judgmental and more empathic way of dealing with each other, among others in the context of working across cultures. Especially Chinese and Westerners are faced with cross-cultural challenges that are often beyond their own awareness. 8C Consulting understands and addresses those in a comprehensive way.  

Increasing self-awareness and the effectiveness of collaboration within an organization improves the quality of leadership, generates better business results, reduces costly conflicts and eventually contributes to lower attrition rates among the workforce.

How to use Zoom and how to make it a positive experience for everyone 

After having registered you will receive your ticket in an email by TryClearcut. This mail contains the Zoom Link with which you can login to the meeting. If this is the first time for you to use Zoom please press the link 15-30 min before the meeting officially starts so that you have sufficient time to download the respective APP if needed. 

Some requests in order to make this a wonderful experience for everyone:

  • turn on your Web-Camera because as this is essential to build up an atmosphere of emotional safety and connection. If this means that you need to put on proper clothes before and/or put on make-up please do so ;-). 
  • be fully present while attending this virtual workshop, just as if you would go to an offline workshop. 
    • look into the camera
    • avoid engaging in other activities (playing with your smart phone or eating)
    • sit or stand still and don't walk around if possible
  • choose a quiet background and go on mute while not talking if not possible. 
  • place your computer or mobile phone on a stand or on a table so that you don't have to hold it in your hand for 2 hours. Not only this is less tiring for you but also it is a bit unpleasant for others to see your video frame moving all the time. 
  • Use a headset as this increases the quality of your voice when you speak
  • please dial in in time because we want to start the session without any delay. 

We want this online experience as real and positive as possible. Many thanks for your contribution. 


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When and Where

 April 21, 2020 at 7:30 PM


 April 21, 2020 at 10:00 PM

 Zoom - Online