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Master your camera

This 5 hours course will take us towards understanding our equipment , which is necessary to become better photographers.
Here we will learn everything we need from a technical perspective. We will understand how to control light and motion as well as some more advanced techniques.

About your mentor.

When not taking portraits in his studio or running photography workshops, Gil is traveling the globe documenting people’s lives and photographing the human story in its natural element. His constant quest to capture the emotions and faces of people from all cultures, both in remote and populous regions of the world, has led Gil to spend much of his time in South East Asia and Africa.

Gil’s calm and friendly demeanor, his artistic eye for detail and his ability to think fast under pressure makes him a perfect problem solver for any shoot. Based in Chengdu, Gil is the founder of the Chengdu Photography Club, the first international photography club in the Sichuan region. He is a public speaker, photography instructor and shoots documentary stories for NGO’s. His photos have been shown in travel magazines, exhibitions and are in the private collections of photo lovers around the world. In his free time, when his energy isn’t being poured into his craft, Gil can be found riding his motorbike or joining friends for a spicy hotpot dinner.

For more information visit: Instagram:kreslavskyg


What Will I Learn?

The course will be most suitable for those who already have a good understanding of composition, color and light but struggle to control their camera and achieve desired results.  

  • Everything you need to know about camera settings, which ones to use and in which situation to use them.
  • Advanced focusing techniques to achieve crisp sharp images.
  • How to create depth in your photos.
  • How to expose photos accordingly to the lighting conditions and get the result you are looking for. Deep understanding of ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture.
  • A deeper understanding of camera Histogram.
  • Advanced techniques such as HDR and Panorama.
  • Various tips and tricks and how to avoid common mistakes.

Module 1 - Camera Settings

We will review the most commonly used camera settings, after which we will be ready to choose the right one according to the situation and the light.

Module 2 - Depth of Field "DOF"


This is one of those terms that you are likely to hear quite a lot of and will work with regularly in your photography. Playing with depth of field and the ability to control depth in your images will become an important part of your photography.

Module 3 - Exposure


When we talk about “exposure,” the simple meaning is how to brighten or darken a photo.  It seems like it should be simple to capture photos that are correctly exposed, but in reality it can be quite tricky. Although exposure can be adjusted to some extent in post processing there is some reduction of image quality and general overall look. We will learn how to master this right in the camera. Words like ISO, F stop and shutter speed will not frighten or confuse you anymore.

Module 4 - Focusing


Knowing when to use continuous or single focusing mode is the first step of mastering autofocus. Modern cameras have advanced focusing mechanisms, that can capture moving objects, but 100% accuracy is hard to achieve. We will learn how to increase hit rate and focus exactly where we want.

Module 5 - The Histogram

Histogram is a graphic representation of our image. It can be a scary term, but don't worry we will learn how to read it. Learning how to read Histogram is crucial to understanding the exposure of the image even if we have doubts while looking at our camera display.

Pre-Requirements : 

  • Having conversational English.
  • A camera with manual controls , preferably with interchangeable lenses.


  • Digital learning materials 
  • Drink


Sales have concluded

When and Where

 July 21, 2019 at 1:00 PM


 July 21, 2019 at 6:00 PM

 Tongzilin international community center 39 Tongfeng Rd, Wuhou District (Next door to Kempinsky Hotel)