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Join us in the weekly Rotary Meeting at Shanghai Marriott City Center.

10 November 2015 @ 18:30-20:30 (Japanese restaurant @2nd Floor/ Dinner at Western set menu)

Speaker / Topic of the week:

Guillaume Rué de Bernadac - Etiquette: giving the best of yourself

Beyond the classic stereotype,etiquette is the way to behave properly according to the different situations, and has been evolving through the ages. We find etiquette treaties since the earliest Antiquity, in many parts of the world: Asia, Middle-East, Europe,pre-columbian America...Even if the advices they give are of course not the same, the purpose does not change: how to give the best of yourself under the different circumstances that can happen?This is why there is no absolute good or bad manners, but only appropriate or inappropriate behavior. It depends on the context. As a consequence, Etiquette has been through major changes during the ages.Practical workshops are planned!

Our speaker, Rtn.Guillaume Rué de Bernadac is the President of the Académie de Bernadac.The expertise of Mr Rué de Bernadac comes from his family experience. At a very young age,he was schooled in the codes of protocol by his grand mother, Mme de Bernadac. Mme de Bernadac and her father were private tutors at the court of the King of Morocco for decades since the1920’s.They taught children a sophisticated education. Nowadays the Bernadac family is providing this valuable knowledge in China, also at embassies and large companies.

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 November 10, 2015 at 6:30 PM


 November 10, 2015 at 8:30 PM

 No. 555 Middle Xizang Road, Shanghai, P. R. China (Subway station People's Square, Exit #19)