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In an age of global travel, many of us has had the privilege of living in a myriad of different places, experiencing a diverse array of cultures, and having a choice in where we call “home.” At times, we may feel like we belong to many places without feeling like we completely belong to any place. If we ask the simple question “where are you from,” are we limiting people to identifying with only the places where they were born, instead of the many places where they call “home”?

In this event we will explore: 

1. What is implied from the simple question of “where are you from?”

2. Does true diversity arises from the diversity of national identities or the diversity of experiences?

3. What does it mean to be multi-cultural or third-cultured (“multi-local”)?

4. What is the experience of being multicultural or third-cultured like in China?

Part 1- Screening

Taiye Selasi is a British-American writer and photographer. Of Nigerian and Ghanaian origin, she describes herself as a "local" of Accra, Berlin, New York and Rome. In her talk, Tiye Selasi encourages us to think about identity beyond the box of the geographical state, and instead, from the array of our experiences. After all, we are more than our nationality. That is why she suggests we ask the question “where are you a local?” for it emphasizes our similarities, instead of “where are you from?” which emphasizes our stereotypes and differences.

Part 2- Sharing Session  Workshop

In this session, we will have a guest speaker (Ting Zhang ) and then an art showcase (from Yvette Yu), and every participant will join to share, to discuss, and to reshape the way we think about identity from the 3 R’s (Ritual, Relationships, Restrictions) 

Come and join us at 7pm, Jan. 27th! See you guys there!


Impact Hub Shanghai

(306 Room, 195 Guangfu Rd. 上海光复路195号创意仓库306室)




Sales have concluded

When and Where

 January 27, 2019 at 7:00 PM


 January 27, 2019 at 9:30 PM

 ImpactHubSH(306 Room, 195 Guangfu Rd, Creative Warehouse, Jing'an District)