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You are invited to attend the Chengdu Women in Business Network, Women In Action Workshop Series:

Volume 4:  The Four Tendencies 

This is the final installment of the 4 month workshop series that included professional assessments, interactive exercises, and professional coaching based on research and results. Volume I was held in June at Nu Space and focused on the Johari window. 


Vol. I - Johari Window & Your Professional Goals

The second workshop was held at The Bookworm and was a self assessment regarding the unconscious mistakes women make in business led by Raquel Ramirez.


Vol. 2 - Unconscious Mistakes Women Make in Business

The third volume led a scenario based assessment of the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace, facilitated by Hyobin Sung at Wooton. 


Vol. 3 - Emotional Intelligence 

This time? Come join other women who are moving and embarking on their own ideas, inspire and get inspired, and connect with other creative professionals! 

This workshop will focus on The Four Tendencies:

• Introduction of Gretchen Rubin & her assessment 
• Breakdown of each Tendencies
• Applying the 4 tendencies
• Why this assessment is important in helping us solve problems 


The workshop will be facilitated by Hyobin Sung  CEO & Founder of sustainable lifestyle platform 二手二故事 Second Hand Second Story

As this is the final workshop in the series we will also reflect on the network of fantastic women that has been built over the last 6 months, there will be a survey released shortly - the results will be presented in the second half of the workshop to identify what skills we have as a network and where we can further support each other's projects.  The survey will be sent in the group shortly. If you are not in the group, please add WeChat ID: harricat to be added. 

Please fill this in:


Walnut Shimao Co-working Space
4 Jianshebei Road, Walnut Co-Working (Shimao) 世茂店

世茂大厦7F-8F Walnut联合办公


Wednesday 29th November 2017
19:30 - 21:30 

How Much?
including a selected drink and any materials needed for the workshop


We are a not for profit network. This is the final volume in a series of 4 events. 
We hope all events will be valuable as individual workshops and ever more useful as a series.

A big thank you for contributing to an active and supportive network of women in business in the wonderful city of Chengdu - See you there! 


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When and Where

 November 29, 2017 at 7:30 PM


 November 29, 2017 at 9:30 PM

 成都市成华区猛追湾横街99号(近建设北路一段) 世茂大厦7F-8F Walnut联合办公