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We are excited to bring you the opportunity to continue to explore changing patterns.  On October 13th, from 14:00 to 17:00pm, we will be hosting the next unit of the program that allows you to learn about your “three minds” and understand their influence on how you know and perceive things.  This will be the next in a five-unit series that takes you on a journey into understanding and working with yourself in new ways. Each unit is accompanied by personal practice and work with a supportive group.

The Intention of the 5-part program is:

To equip you with the knowledge (units) and competencies (support group) to create a meaningful, sustainable and healthy alternative to your existing patterns.

These new patterns will be able to compete with you established patterns, giving you fresh options, and therefore more freedom, in your behaviors.

What do you have at the end of the program?

At the end of the program (Units + Support group meetings), you will:

-Have the knowledge, awareness and skills to intentionally work with your thoughts, feelings and actions

-Have competence to shift between different mind states in a meaningful and effective way

-Be aware of your intentions and be able to work with them in a mindful way

-Be more intentional in who you are and manage the impact of what other people think about you 

How it this program financed? One pays, two learn and grow.

The financial model of me2we2us is that one person pays in full for the program and provides a partial scholarship for a person who cannot afford the full price.

The only thing the person who can’t afford the full price pays for is the costs of renting a location and materials

All payment for the trainer and admin is covered by the first payment.

Unit 01 Three minds (Thinking, Feeling, Doing)

The intention of this Unit is to establish an initial knowledge of the 3 minds, create first-hand experiences of working with each mind, build an understanding of how the minds are linked, and provide a starting point to work actively and consciously with them after. 

Unit 02 State of Minds (Your Worlds)

The intention of this unit is to Understand the role of different states of minds play in daily life (roles, emotions).  In this unit you will start a practice to intentionally change your state of mind, develop an awareness and experience of how some states of mind impact your reality, and know the different states of mind for the 3 different minds.

Unit 03 Sensing - Awareness (Your Lights)

The intention of this unit is to deepen your competence through awareness of the different mind’s states.  To do this we start by developing an awareness of your awareness and how to use it intentionally so that you can be more mindful with your actions. 

 Unit 04 Intentions (Your Whys)

The intention of this unit is to deepen awareness about your causes of your actions, understand the momentum behind them, and with that experience the effect of different intentions for the same action, feelings or thoughts.  This gives you a starting point to change your actions, feeling and thoughts through your intentions. 

 Unit 05 Ego (Your Shields)

The intention of the final “me: unit is to develop an understanding and awareness of your ego and what role it plays in your daily life.  This will give you competence to work more mindfully with your ego as a partner and supporter. With this awareness you can truly begin to work with how reactions to your ego gives you freedom or restricts you, opening the doors in your journey of choice and freedom.


GoEast School, Lane 147 Yongfu Road, Building 63  Xuhui District, Shanghai


How to get there? 

Nearest subway station is Shanghai Library line 10 (exit 3, enter Lane147 from Yongfu Rd ; exit 1 enter Lane 147 from Fuxing W Road)

(Hengshan Rd line 1 and Changshu Rd line 1/7 also very close)



Sales have concluded

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 October 13, 2019 at 2:00 PM


 October 13, 2019 at 5:00 PM

 Shanghai, China