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The Stone Soup Fund is a non-profit platform for filmmakers to gain experience and access to the tools they need to make their next film.

The 2nd Stone Soup Competition is focused on Pre-production.  One winner will be given access to a Virtual Lab, developed by the Advanced Innovation Center for Future Visual Entertainment, located on the Beijing Film Academy campus.  

At this Virtual Lab, the winning filmmaker will have the chance to create a visualization, a simple 3D animation, of their next film.  This pre-vis can be used for promoting to investors or as a storyboard for the film's actual shoot.  Tools such as Motion Capture, Unity game engine, and VR will be used to help you create the best pre-vis possible.


All those who join should submit a 1 page pitch describing the film you intend to make.  The best pitch will be chosen by Organizers at the AICFVE and Stone Soup Fund. 

For those who do not know yet how to write a good one page pitch, a special class taught by Peter Walters, of Scripted and the China Hollywood Society, will be offered for those who buy tickets only.  This class will teach you everything you need to know, and more.  *A good pitch can also describes a production plan, to help convince investors.  The date of the seminar is September 14th.

For those who are not this year's winner, you will still have access to all classes and a Virtual Lab tour (with a showcase of advanced filmmaking technology).  Your money will be used in helping produce the pre-vis film and develop needed classes for Stone Soup filmmakers.


Sept. 14th- One Page Pitch Seminar by Peter Walters

Sept. 21st- Final Date to turn in One Page pitch to

Sept. 23rd- Tour of Virtual Lab on BFA campus (All participants) and winner announced

Sept 27th- Completion date of pre-vis film

**An Important note- we cannot provide unique assets to the winning filmmakers for use in their pre-vis.  If you plan on needing complex or unique animation models, specific locations for your film, you will be responsible for providing those digital assets by the 23rd! 

Information on Peter Walters: His class time is tbd

Based in Beijing and Los Angeles, Peter is one of the most sought after writers working in the Chinese film industry. He teaches screenwriting at Beijing Film Academy and is the director of China Hollywood Society's Beijing chapter.

From Peter's students:

"Peter teaches material found nowhere else. You will learn things in this class you have never heard before."

"Peter's class demystified screenwriting for me. He broke it down into simple, mechanical pieces which fit together to make a point."

"Peter treats everyone's work as if it were the real business of film. His teaching method is based on practical experience as a professional screenwriter."

"Peter has rich experience in screenwriting and story presentation. He understands what young creators need and will do whatever he can to make you learn."

"Peter's class made us better at marketing our work. It helped me let go of my ideas, and made me willing to rewrite until the quality of the script comes through."

"Peter's preparation and explanations made me understand exactly what I needed to do to write my ideas into a sellable format."

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Sales have concluded

When and Where

 September 23, 2019 at 10:00 AM


 September 23, 2019 at 10:30 AM

 Beijing Film Academy #4 Xitucheng Rd. Beijing 10080

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