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You believe in a more meaningful and impactful business world?

You believe that the idea of work itself should be reconnected with a sense of purpose?

You believe that businesses should use their potential and influence to become the architects of a better world?

Then we believe that you are NOT a dreamer or an utopian. We believe that the world is getting more and more complex and that environmental challenges, climate change, the collapse of biodiversity, resource depletion, growing inequalities are today's and tomorrow's biggest stakes for businesses.

Those real and complex problems need to be addressed in a holistic and systemic ways by companies in order to thrive in a short-term future. Because there are risks, but there are also opportunities. Opportunities to change the course of business to make meaning and impact the norm.

Every two months, we invite purpose-driven professionals, that believe in a different way of doing business, to gather casually around different topics, to be inspired and connect with each other.

This month we receive psychologist and neuroscientist Eveline Goodman for a dose of boost and self motivation: Let’s make our dreams reality! Followed by a networking and drinks.

The shift that we need to address in the way we conceive work and business is easier on paper. That’s the same for every aspect of our life. Change is hard. So we are all bumped with good intentions but how do we actually turn our dreams into concrete actions and achieve our goals?

Our Brain might be the answer...

With modern research and technology we can delve into and decode the complexities and misconceptions of our behavior and ways of thinking. Eveline invites you to a unique and insightful workshop, based on her academic know-how and years of professional experience. Over the years Eveline Goodman has provided young talents with a better understanding of the workings of this most mysterious organ – the brain.

Purpose-driven individuals, entrepreneurs and employees and all the ones that care about sparking a movement of meaning and impact into businesses - let’s gather to connect and be inspired!


Sales have concluded

When and Where

 March 21, 2019 at 7:00 PM


 March 21, 2019 at 10:00 PM

 Un Caffe, Jiangning Road 77, 7th Floor, Jingan District, Shanghai