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Directing Actors is a 2-day, 12-hour film workshop taught by Shanghai Theatre Academy instructor, Nico Amedeo, emphasizing the fundamentals of storytelling through actors, as opposed to cameras and lenses. Whether you’re an aspiring director or seasoned pro, Nico’s workshop helps directors understand how actors get into character, tap into emotion, make creative choices and bring the character to life. Class is limited to 10 students and will sell out.

Sat/Sun, August 3rd-4th, 9:00-16:00
Shanghai, Xuhui, 630 Huashan Lu


About this Workshop

  1. The Actor’s Process and Preparation. Stretching and relaxation; space; breath, sound and voice; Meisner, Strasberg, Chekhov and other techniques; character work.
  2. The Actor and the Script. The spine; the motivation of each scene; transitions and beats; opportunity not obligation.
  3. Directing Actors. Facts, needs, questions, images, intentions; sense of realism; listening and reacting; physical action and impulse; breath and sound; the third eye.
  4. Bad Habits & Quick Fixes. The bag of tricks; anticipating; action as distraction; over-acting and under-performing; punctuation; eyes.
  5. Blocking, Freedom and Rehearsal. Blocking; experimentation and permission; improvisation.
  6. Casting. Cold read vs. monologue; the better actor; ensemble feeling.

From Nico’s Students

“Nico's Directing Actors workshop was a revelation. He shared his knowledge of the craft with calm reassurance and effectively coordinated a practical component, too. Although only a weekend course, the training was diverse and pragmatic. Looking forward to what he's offering next. A worthwhile investment if you care about art.” —Paul Ash

“Nico is well-versed in drama and has all the right tools on how to finesse expressions in front of a camera. He is supportive, professional and super positive.” —Fiona Dawn

“Nico is a discerning director with a clear vision and an openness to experimentation. His instincts are on-point and he has and endless strategies for getting the best performances from the actors he works with.” —Kassi Cowles

“Nico is a wonderful director with a clear vision and relaxed personality. I’ve learned so much from him.” —Ildiko Kissimon

“Nico has a profound understanding of the actor’s process, which is precisely what makes him a fantastic director. He allows the actor all the space she needs to experiment, but will reel them back when necessary. He's direct and honest and believes in his actors’ ability to surpass themselves.” —Sophie Ni

About the Instructor

Nico Amedeo is an Italian-American actor, writer and director based in Shanghai, with rich experience. His training includes a Master’s Degree in Acting at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Meisner Technique, Body Architecture Physical Theatre Method, Commedia Dell’Arte, and Fitzmaurice Voice Training.

Romeo and Juliette (2012)
Nick & Nora (2012)
Una Notte con la Commedia dell’Arte (2013)
Le Mosche (2014)
Una Notte Teatrale In Campo (2014)
L’airone (2016)
器气-身体博物馆 (2018)

Animal World (2017)
Tales from the Penn (2017)
Little Milo (2017)
子 (2017)
Big World (2018)
Closing Remarks (2018)
叶问四 Ip Man 4 (2018)
Tales From the Penn (2018)

Ciega a Citas (2016)
Maidan (2018)
Deeplone (2018)
漂洋过海来看你 (2018)

Travel, Tourist and Theatre (2014)
Piccolo Donatello (2015)
Big World (2018)
Closing Remarks (2018)
Witness (2018)
Excerpts from the Classics: A Street Car Named Desire (2018)
Tragedy: A Tragedy (2019)


Sales have concluded

When and Where

 August 3, 2019 at 9:00 AM


 August 4, 2019 at 4:00 PM


More Information
For more information, contact Nico directly via WeChat at nicoz9k