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The 10th batch of Young Bakers is graduating, come 'celebread' with us!


On July 9th, come join SYB for a memorable evening at naked Hub inside its lifestyle centre on Loushanguan Road as this year’s students graduate and take their next steps towards fulfilling their dreams of becoming professional bakers!

After an intensive year of training, SYB is proud to present to you our 32 Young Bakers who have completed the SYB training programme. This meant juggling French bakery and pastry classes, internships at top hotels and bakeries, English lessons, life skills training and many other activities. 经过紧密的一年培训后,海上青焙坊荣幸地将完成培训的32位学生介绍给您。这一年他们忙碌于法式烘焙课、五星酒店和面包房的实习、英语课、生活技能课和其他活动之中。

Growing for 10 years, baking for the future 焙养十年,酵育且长

In the past ten years, with your support, Shanghai Young Bakers has developed to give a new chance in life to 250 marginalised youth, and is turning bakery into an effective tool for empowerment and sustainability.

Monday, July 9 will be the opportunity for all of us to gather around our students, teachers and graduates, and hear their stories of change. More largely, it will be a chance to enjoy delicious food, great drinks and inspiring event performances, together with the F&B community!
在7月9日(周一)这一天,将是我们和学生,老师和毕业生欢聚一堂和倾听他们的成长故事的机会。更重要的是,这将是一个和食品与饮料行业一起享用美味的食物和饮料和享受赏心悦目演出的机会! 我们将在裸心社@娄山关路的美丽的生活中心度过一个激动人心的夜晚。


Event details 毕业典礼详细信息:
Date and Time: Monday, July 9th, starting at 7pm (Registration between 7.00 and 7.20pm)
日期和时间:7月9日(周一 )晚上7点开始(入场时间:7点至7点20分
Address: naked Hub@LSG, 4th floor, 35 Loushanguan Rd, near West Yan'an Rd 
地址: 裸心社@娄山关路,上海市长宁区娄山关路35号4楼,近延安西路
Metro: easily accessed by metro Line 2 (Loushanguan Rd) and Line 10 (Yili Rd)

Select Early Bird Ticket (before 7th July) or Regular Ticket (anytime) at the top of this page to purchase your ticket to the event!
请在页面上方选择购买此活动的早鸟票(仅可在7月7日之前购买) 或 普通票 (任何时间都可以购买)。 


If you can’t attend but still would like to show your support, you can also use this platform to make a donation to help us purchase sugar for the 11th batch of students! Each year, our training goes through a ton of sugar (literally…), and we’re hoping all our friends can each pitch in a few kgs to “make things sweeter”! :)

如果你无法来参加我们的毕业典礼,但仍想支持我们,欢迎在页面上方选择捐款,以帮助我们为第11届的学生购买糖!每年,我们的培训将使用一吨的白砂糖,所以我们希望所有的朋友可以贡献力所能及的重量让“生活更甜蜜”! :)

(Please note however, that a donation for sugar purchase does not give you access to the ceremony – you’ll need to buy a ticket for that ;p)
(请注意,如果您只选择了“捐赠:买糖” 的选项,您的订单将不能作为进入毕业典礼的凭证。你需要另外买一张票)


This platform only accepts online payment, but we’ll accept cash on the day of the event. For any inquiries, please feel free to write in to or contact us via 136-8168-7194 through phone or WeChat. 

在购票平台上, 我们只接受网上付款。我们将在毕业典礼当天在入口处接受现金支付。 任何疑问,欢迎通过 或136-8168-7194(电话/微信)联系我们。

We look forward to seeing you there! 我们期待在毕业典礼与您相见!
Together, we’ll bake it happen! 让我们一起烘焙未来!

The Shanghai Young Bakers team


Sales have concluded

When and Where

 July 9, 2018 at 7:00 PM


 July 9, 2018 at 10:00 PM

 naked Hub@LSG, 4th floor, 35 Loushanguan Rd, near West Yan'an Rd 裸心社@娄山关路,上海市长宁区娄山关路35号4楼,近延安西路​

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