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课程时间: 2019年10月12-13日 

课程地点:上海四川北路71-1号负一层 (天潼路10,12号线)


早鸟票 1200RMB/人 (10月6号前).

常规票 1500RMB/人 (10月6号当天及之后).

课程语言:  英语

讲师:Siddarth Sadashiv



1) 付款后,若买方在距离开课前的24小时之外取消课程,买方有权获得50%的退款。

2) 若买方在距离开课前的24小时之内取消或没有到场,无任何退款!

3) 若ScreenWorks取消了课程学习班(含课程当天),买方将有权获得100%的退款!



Time: October 12th-13th, 2019 


71-1 Sichuan Bei Road, Shanghai. (Line 10/12, TianTong Road)

Tuition Fee:

Early Bird 1200 RMB/ per person (before 6th Oct).

Regular 1500 RMB/ per person (on and after 6th Oct).

Class limit:20 participants

Language: English

Tutor:  Siddarth Sadashiv

Signup and cancellation: 

1) After payment, if the buyer cancels outside 24hr of the workshop commence date they are entitled to a 50% refund of payment amount. 

2) If the buyer cancels within 24hrs of workshop commence date or does not show up to the workshop, the buyer forfeits 100% of the payment amount! 

3) If ScreenWorks cancels a workshop at any point including workshop dates, the buyer will be entitled to a 100% refund!  

ScreenWorks are not responsible for the refunds of any travel or accommodation arrangements to paid attendees of workshops or courses due to any form of ScreenWorks cancellations at any given time. 

Note:All photos and videos made by ScreenWorks sub-contractors are the legal property and copyright ownership of ScreenWorks and can only be used for any promotional and marketing material contained within the ScreenWorks brand. By making payment for a ScreenWorks program you are giving consent and waiving rights to ownership of any digital property you are a part of or involved with during any ScreenWorks program.


Sales have concluded

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