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There is a very popular dating TV program called “If You Are The One” (Chinese name is 非诚勿扰) in China. Many singles and their parents watch it to look for partners.

There are many reasons for being single:

I. You're shy and/or not very outgoing.

Whether we like it or not, people who are outgoing tend to get noticed and that includes getting noticed by the opposite sex. Being shy is at least 50% genetic so there's only so much we can do to overcome this. The good news is that there are lots of shy single people out there - admittedly, the hard part is hooking up, but it happens, so don't despair. Come and Join us on 6th September.

Ⅱ. You were in a long-term relationship.

If your long-term relationship ends, there is a lot more to deal with than if you'd only been dating for a few months.

Take for example a 10 year relationship that's ended. That's 10 years of good memories, bad memories , lost commitments joy, hurt – you name it to try to deal with.

Whether it makes sense to them or not, they just can't seem to find someone who can replace what they once had whether what they had was good or not. The key here is that they will never be able to find a direct replacement but they can find someone new who is equally if not more worthwhile and hopefully a better match.

Our Cingles event provides an opportunity to meet someone new. Even if you don’t find the right person, it might help you escape from past memories that are haunting you.

Apart from the two above examples there are many reasons why people remain single - too picky, too busy, too much internet, etc. Even majority of them are very outstanding people in their domain and also have good conditions and high social status.

This event will no doubt give people a chance who want to end their single life.

Our event is very different from the traditional singles party which is normally organized by marriage agency. Since we organized the social networking events for 9 years, our participants tend to be higher level.

For this special event we have special discount pricing policy:

Free entrance for girl who has two male friends pre-pay.

Girl with one male friend pre-pay needs to pay 90 cash on arrival or 88 prepay.

Standard ticket 110RMB prepay and 125 at door.


Godfather’s is a fantastic Australian owned and managed bar and restaurant that understands the importance of service with a smile and customer first approach.

They have have prepared this incredibly generous offer for us:

Welcome Drink – choice of wine (Chilean Sauvignon Blanc or Tsingtao Beer or soft drink).

Additional drinks at very friendly prices:
House Wine …. 25 RMB

Standard Spirits …. 25 RMB
Beers on tap …. Tsingtao 20 RMB, Heineken …. 30 RMB, Tiger …. 25 RMB, Boulevade IPA …. 45 RMB, Vedett …. 45 RMB

Standard Soft Drinks …. 15 RMB Juices …. 20 RMB Coffee …. 20 RMB

An exciting array of nibbles including: Fish Fingers, Nuts, Dried Apricots, Gherkins and pickled vegetables.

and then, of course is you fancy more of a meal, the Godfather himself will be happy to suggest items from the menu.

Address: Godfather’s Bar, 44 Guanghua Lu, 光华路44号

Tel: 8563-0292


When and Where

 September 6, 2016 at 7:30 PM


 September 6, 2016 at 10:30 PM

 Godfather's , 44 Guanghua Lu, Beijing China. 光华路44号