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Join us for another Africa Week event of engagement and arts on May 23rd, from 7pm at the A.C ART MUSEUM Hotel.

The Curators of Africa Week's Art Afrik - "Sir Where is this place?" are joined by a panel of accomplished Practitioners in Art, Film and Social Sciences to share their thoughts on why African exhibition is needed in China. Curators Megan Mace and James Sserwadda are bringing this intimate and interactive setting to life, where they all gather to share their inspirations and ideas in line with this pertinent African photography and video exhibition.

Be part of the discussion and turn an exciting new page on African art in China. The discussion will feature ft. Prof. Ma YueJunProf. Wang QiJun & blackChenn,


Ma Yue Jun

Professor Ma Yue Jun is an award-winning and published Academic, Artist and Associate Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at the Beijing Film Academy. Teaching there since 2004, he is also a previous Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts Graduate and his main research directions include experimental image art new media and art cross-media Art. He specialises in installation art and working in public spaces, planning and scheme research.

He has written and published award-winning research titled “The New Direction of Public Art Development” for Chinese Quality Education Journal and also written, “On the Art of New Media and the Optimization of Urban Information” that was published in Chinese Urban Journals.

 He has created numerous literary contributions that include his most recent in the book “Creation of Experimental Image Art Works” by Taiji Illustrator in 2019. Professor Ma Yue Jun is constantly developing artistic boundaries through work like “Public Art” published by Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House and social science insights through pieces like his “Installation Art Language Research” which was a 2016 Scientific Research Project of Beijing Education Commission.

 Joining The Curators as an experienced exhibiting artist with numerous openings including a recent showing at the Beijing Time Museum Exhibition 2019 - Tongyun of Kuanshan Mountain and The 10th Shenzhen International Biennale of Ink and Wash in 2019 he will share his dynamic experience and thoughts on our Art Afrik - “Sir, where is this place?” exhibit.

Wang Qijun

Professor Wang Qijun is a teacher the Central Academy of Fine Art, a Director of the Office of the Watercolor Art Committee of the Chinese Artists Association and a Director of the Urban Design Center Academy of Fine Arts Humanities and Social Sciences.

Graduating with a Masters from the Architectural Design and Theory Department of the Architecture Department of Chongqing Institute of Civil Engineering his research direction focused on mural art.He went on to receive his Ph.D. degree in architecture history and theory from the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University. 

 He has made major achievements throughout his colourful carrer in art and design that includes from his 1984, Chinese painting "Snow Spring Come" that was selected for the 6th National Art Exhibition of the People's Republic of China, to his 2015, watercolor painting "Leshan Giant Buddha" that was created in collaboration with Tian Haipeng and was selected by the Ministry of Culture, where it was shown in the National Art Museum of China, the Chinese Artists Association, and the Central Academy of Fine Arts to win the "100 Years of Huacai - China Watercolor Art Research Exhibition

 This experienced technical Art and Architecture expert has been captured in China’s best galleries and popular media publications like  CCTV, People's Daily, China Daily and in 2019 he was commissioned by Peking University’s Belt and Road series where he captured one of China’s most famous institutes like never before using new cross-cultural perspectives on campus.At The Curators, he will share the inspiration of such pieces and his views on this extraordinary African exhibit.


blackChenn, is a Nigerian artist, screenwriter, director and founder of THEVILLAGELAD- a production company based in Abuja and Beijing. His career in visual storytelling began in poetry and photography, where both his written and print works have gone on to hold solo exhibitions. blackChenn, has also shot for fashion houses such as Paloma Sanchez. Guo Pei and kik. 

blackChenn, made his directorial debut through ,)>

MEGAN MACE, ART AFRIK 2019 Lead Curator

Megan Mace is a young South African artist and independent curator.  She has participated in various international exhibitions including The Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art at Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, a solo exhibition at Artoon E-Space Gallery (Shanghai) and the Diego Rivera Gallery (San Francisco).  Mace also sits as a non-executive director for ROOM Gallery & Projects, based in Johannesburg.



Sales have concluded

When and Where

 May 23, 2019 at 7:00 PM


 May 23, 2019 at 10:30 PM

 A.C ART MUSEUM Hotel AoJia Int'l. Apt. No.A26 Yard Dongzhimen Outer AVE, Beijing

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