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Don’t get us wrong, we’re not telling you to become vegan. But what we are doing is encouraging you to cut down on your meat and dairy consumption this January 'cause, in case you haven't heard, our planet and fragile ecosystems could do with a serious reprieve...! 

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So when brainstorming our line-up of plant-based promos for Veganuary to entice even the staunchest of omnivores, Jamie Pea sprung to mind. If you don't already know Jamie, you're missing out. 


Based in Beijing, Jamie Pea is one gung ho of a human and an all-round foodie: not only is she a fabulous cook, but also a food stylist and writer who has consulted for various food businesses and styled photos for menus and magazines. So we invited her to take over our Gung Ho! kitchen for a night and treat you guys with a serious plant-based feast. 

Jamie Pea 是一位厨师,美食造型师和美食作者。他的经验是在国外餐厅工作;做餐饮公司和餐厅的菜谱咨询和研发;还有为杂志和餐厅拍美食摄影。


Her inspiration for the guest chef menu?  Her recent trip to the Mediterranean shores of Israel! She will be giving our Gung Ho! classics a glam mezze makeover. In a 4-course meal, expect luxurious sharing dishes featuring a painter's palette of vibrant dips, a rich braised onion soup topped with melting vegan cheese, a sizzling veggie stew en croûte and, to top it all off, a divine dessert deserving of a lil’ pinky raise!


Limited spots y'all, so 别忘记 book your spot!




Sales have concluded

When and Where

 January 16, 2019 at 7:00 PM


 January 16, 2019 at 10:00 PM

 Beijing Sanlitun, 101 / 3 China View, Gongti East Rd, Sanlitun (opposite Chao Hotel)