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If you would like to get involved, please email and we can send you further information and in-depth descriptions of the roles that need volunteer support. 

WHAT is Safe Haven Shanghai?

Safe Haven Shanghai provides information, support and services to individuals and families in domestic and relationship abuse situations.

WHY we need your help? 

Safe Haven Shanghai is a new organization of professionals and volunteers working together to build a support network for victims of intimate partner violence in the international community. We have the following roles to fill:

Who can volunteer? 

No previous professional experience in the field of domestic violence is required since Safe Haven will offer in-depth training to all volunteers. We are looking for volunteers who are resourceful, compassionate, and dependable. Having Chinese language skills is helpful, but not required since all services will be offered in English. Most roles ask for a 1 year time commitment, though volunteers may step back at any point if they feel it's not a good fit. Training will happen in Shanghai, though Phone Intake volunteers in nearby cities are welcome to apply if they are able to attend the ongoing trainings. 

Phone Intake Volunteers-

Phone intake volunteers are the initial point of contact for callers seeking the support of Safe Haven Shanghai.  The role of the phone intake screener is to gather basic information as it relates to the situation prompting the call and connecting them with support resources. The phone line volunteer will have 1-3 8-hour shifts per month and calls will be routed to the volunteer's mobile phone. Volunteers will need access to a secure, quiet, and private space during their phone shifts. 

 Volunteer Advocates-

The role of the advocate is to assist with the implementation of a victim-centered safety plan designed by the professional case management team. Advocates will empower survivors by providing them with emotional, practical and personal welfare support. On March 7 at 10am, there will be an info session about the Peer Advocate role. Please RSVP via email to to learn more.

 Administrative Support & Internal Roles-

These essential roles will support the organization by scheduling phone volunteer shifts, tracking in-kind donations, accounting, internal data tracking/analytics, and general administrative tasks.


This role is to support the fundraising efforts of Safe Haven Shanghai so the organization can provide support and services to victims of domestic violence. In addition to raising money, writing grant proposals, and sponsorship appeals, this role also involves raising the profile of SHS within the international community through networking and awareness building.

If you would like to get involved, please email and we can send you further information and in-depth descriptions of the roles that need volunteer support. We will also include the volunteer application so we can know a bit more about you.


Sales have concluded

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