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    The Healing Arts Festival gives all members of the spiritual community in and around Shanghai a way to connect, learn and grow together.

The 2018 HAF is proud to offer the following workshops & Ecstatic Dance.

If you purchase 4 workshops under the same name you can attend the Ecstatic Dance for FREE!  Show your workshop tickets at the door @ 6:30pm

为了让更多的人能学习体验,请只选择你确定能参加的工作坊。 10月14日可能会有空位,但最好现在预订名额。票预订成功后不能退款,但可以转让。

Please select ONLY the ones you will certainly attend to leave space for others to enjoy & learn.


Workshops in English-------------------------

Sunday, Oct 14 11:00-12:00 Workshop Room C

The Secret to Immediately Reversing Injuries with Tamar Hela (Certified Natural Health & Medicine Instructor, & doTERRA Wellness Advocate)

Is it really possible to reverse injuries and aid the body in healing itself quickly? 


Believe it or not, your body has amazing natural healing capabilities, and with the right technique, you can reverse injuries, prevent bruising, and be back to normal in no time! 

Tamar Hela, certified natural health and medicine instructor and trained in essential oils and aromatherapy, will show you how to treat yourself, your family, and other people you care about so that healing can take place FAST! You will also learn how essential oils can aid in injury recovery and pain management. 

Tamar Hela is the founder of H.E.L.A, a healthy solution for creatives to get them off the “tortured artist” path and onto the path of healing and wellness. 

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, with doTERRA products available in China, she wants to educate people about using essential oils for every day life—not just saving them for a health crisis. 

Through this great company, the international team of doTERRA Wellness Advocates is rapidly expanding in Shanghai and China as we educate family and friends about the power of using essential oils for overall wellness and as an addition to complimentary health. 

We're here to show you what to use and how to use it to make your life, your family, and your health thrive! 
Why doTERRA? 

Because doTERRA is CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade), which means it's of the highest quality and safe to use for yourself and your family.

Come see for yourself 
how easy it is to feel good all the time, and 
help your family and loved ones 
to feel great too!

Sunday, Oct 14 12:00=13:00 Workshop Room B

Title: Partner AcuMassage with Dr. Evan Pinto of Ginkgo Wellness

Learn Chinese Medicine Acupressure points to help reduce your partner’s aches and pains. Get
harmonized with the soothing touch of your nearest and dearest. This is an interactive
workshop. Be ready and willing to touch and be touched.
Please watch the TCM fundamentals instructional video prior to attending workshop. Go to scroll down to Video Lecture and click the play button. Video is 40
Dr. Evan is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He has been in private practice in
Shanghai since 2012. English only.

Sunday, October 14th Room B 16:00-17:00 (English only)

Mindful Art: The Practice of Presence, presented by Aitia

We begin at the doorway of mindfulness and enter through the practice of creative and non judgemental expression, celebrating our own individual definitions of our internal and external worlds.

You will learn to build intimacy and non-verbal communication with ourselves and with others, in order to understand and explore the different ways we interpret sensory information and its emotional attachments to us. Playing with a series of different objects to feel from and different materials to feel with, we open our minds to be fully present. Observing the sensations and allowing the body to speak to us what it feels.

We unlock not only a unique communication we have with ourselves and others, but also our own exclusive, non-judgemental artistry.

Workshops in English & 中文-------------------

Sunday, Oct 14 10:30-11:30am  Workshop Room A

Samara yoga session 撒玛律动课程 Chinese & English

Topic: Meditative Movement to balance the 3 human centres


Teacher 老师Jade & Victoria

Sunday, Oct 14 11:30am -12:30pm Workshop Room A

Gurdjieff movements 葛吉夫律动课程 Chinese & English

Topic: Meditative Movements to observe our emotions and thought


Teacher 老师Thomas & Tracy

Sunday, Oct 14th 12:30-13:30 Workshop Room A

TitleHolistic Empowerment through Mind, Body, Heart (MBH) practices by Shantih Holistic Arts


主题:通过身、心、灵自然疗愈练习实践自我探索并提升个人内在力量---来自Shantih Shala整体疗愈艺术

MINDBODY & HEART form the three main pillars of holistic practice on our journey of self-discovery, empowerment and healing. 在自我探索、提升个人内在力量和疗愈旅程中,身、心、灵形成了整体疗愈艺术的三个重要核心。

You will learn simple and efficient tools to incorporate into your daily life including Meditation, Pranayama (breath awareness), Mindfulness, Sound Therapy, Intuitive Bodywork©, Yoga and much more. This workshop offers a glimpse into various healing modalities that could enhance your wellbeing and deepen your spiritual path. 基础工作坊着眼于提供各种练习方式的概览,目的在于能够使这些练习成为增强自身健康与加深精神之旅的有用工具。我们将一起探讨简单和有效果的练习,包含了冥想、音疗、直觉体语言、调息、瑜伽等来开启您的疗愈旅程。

Shantih Shala Holistic Arts (SSHA) is a platform promoting empowerment through the healing arts, specifically via Holistic practices to manage the Mind, Body and Heart. We offer effective, high quality skills and practical professional experience to empower yourself on a physical, mental and emotional level holistically.

Internationally recognized for its experience of coaching and developing people for over a decade, SSHA continues to collaborate with worldwide affiliates and partners. Working closely with each individual, together we discuss and develop your Personal Journey Design together for optimum results.

Sunday, Oct 14 1:30-2:30pm Workshop Room A

7 Lataïf 七点能量治疗 Chinese & English

Topic: Teaching of a very efficient Energetic treatment Protocol, that everybody can use by themselves in their daily life for most of the physical and psychological troubles


Teacher 老师Thomas & Jade 

Sunday, Oct 14 2:30-3:30pm Workshop Room A

Enneagram First Introduction 九型介绍3:30-4:30pm Chinese & English

Topic: Presentation of a very efficient human psychology typology necessary for people on a spiritual path


Teacher 老师Thomas & Jade 

Samadeva is an art of living enabling the balance of our physical, emotional, and intellectual centers to harmonize our relation with ourselves, others and our environment. 撒玛德瓦源自于古老的智慧,同时又传承发展成为一门适应现代人的生活艺术,整体调和生命个体的身、心、智和灵的层面,和谐我们与自身、他人以及整个环境的关系。

Samadeva is a private educational institution proposing the essence of teaching and techniques from traditional western and eastern ancient knowledge, philosophy, arts, sciences, and spiritual currents but adapted to the modern life. 撒玛德瓦是一家针对个人发展的专业教育机构,推行真我(本质)教育,并传授由东西方古老的智慧、哲学、艺术、科学以及灵性体系传承发展而来的,适应现代生活的学科与技巧。

Sunday, Oct 14 3:30-4:30pm Workshop Room A  Bilingual 中英双语

You Can Heal Your Life? 如何能療愈我的生命?

Presented by LightworkersCenter 丰盛荟

All the sickness are our messengers to remind us something important….. 


 All incidences in our life are created by our mind?


 Do you believe? 你相信嗎?

In this workshop, facilitator will teach concepts of energy and healing, different method and exercise for self healing.  Including Emotional management, Active-Meditation, Bio Energy Healing.


Participants will experience the change of their energy though the body-mind exercise and become consciousness awaken. You will earn simple techniques which are used to tune in with and balance this life-force energy field, unblock any blockages which may be causing illness or disease, and help boost the immune system.


Sunday, Oct 14th 10:30-12:00 (90 minutes) Workshop Room B 

TitleHealing with drama:Free up the mind and body and back to Now in the Playspace



Presenterillumi Playground


 About the Workshop 


The workshop is based on Developmental Transformations (DvT,a classical drama therapy model). 工作坊基于DvT(发展性转化)戏剧疗法而设计。

We will do free-play in the so called Playspace. We will let the body speak, awake the Playfulness within the body, and lower our mind. It breaks our everyday disciplines, rules and thoughts, and release our emotions and powers inside the body.


We will experience: Role playing + Body moments sounds + Interacting with others. 在这里我们会同时经历:角色扮演 + 肢体动作 + 声音 + 与人的互动.

 As a dramatic space, it provides us: Creativity Self-expression


创造力 + 自我表达

As a moving meditation, it makes these happen: 

Emotions Release + Awareness + Being Present


情绪释放 + 觉察 + 处在当下

Outline 大纲:

- get to know each other, warm up with dramatic elements 认识彼此,戏剧元素热身

- familiarize everyone with basic DvT free-play skills 用身体去体验DvT戏剧空间的自由玩耍

- no longer feel pressure on improv role-playing and movements, enjoy the freedom and return to our nature 在带领下玩起来,对即兴的角色表演、肢体表达不再感到压力,享受自由回归天性

- Experience,questions and responses 分享、疑问与回应

 About the Leader 


Jaimie XU is the founder of illumi Playground. She is the Level One DvT Practitioner certified by Institute of Developmental Transformations. She is committed to mind-body exploration through embodied artmodalities. She's also engaged in performing arts as a non-professional actor.

徐明洁女士是一炉米嬉戏场(illumi Playground)的创办人,美国发展性转化学院第一阶段DvT戏剧疗法执行师(认证中), 致力于具身化艺术引领的心灵探索,帮助人们获得生命力和内在转化。她同时从事表演艺术、是一名非职业演员。

She received her Master of Science degree from School of Business in Hong Kong Baptist University. She worked as a senior management consultant for multinational consulting firms for five years before she devoted herself to arts related healing work. Because of her love for arts and the need for healing and exploring herself, she began to receive professional training in drama, drama therapy, dance and movement therapy, mandala art healing, and Playback theater in China and abroad. 


Jaimie has been working in mental and physical healing since 2015 and has in-depth practice in dealing with adult emotional issues, develop mental problems and women's issues. She often combines drama, dance, and multi-media expressive art therapy techniques, to bring insight and healing qualities through her solid spiritual practice. 

Jaimie 从2015年开始从事艺术心灵工作,在处理成人情绪问题、发展性议题及女性议题方面有深入实践 。她的带领常常结合戏剧、舞动和多媒介的表达性艺术治疗手法,以她扎实的灵性实修,带出洞见和疗愈的品质。

Sunday, October 14th Room B 14:00-15:00 中文(为主)/English

How to bring Mindfulness into your relationships? Presented by Aitia

Friction is a fire starter. From cozy bonfires to devastating house fires it can cause a full range of uses and impacts. It can be a spark that acts as a catalyst or a spark that produces a conflict burning everything from real bridges to the metaphorical ones that form and connect our relationships. Whether disagreement or misunderstanding, we can rub each other the wrong way, intentionally or otherwise we tend to speak the language of the jackel, one of judgement, blame and disconnection. "It's not me, it's him/ her that has to change" is what we proclaim. And if that interaction gets out of hand it can do irreparable damage to our relationships. This applies to friendships, intimate relationships and our parent-child relationships as well.

Mindful Communication is the water that puts out those friction-induced fires before they get out of control. It allows us to connect with ourselves and with each other in a non-violent way that allows our natural compassion to flourish. When practice mindful communication enables us to let go of own judgements, embrace and accept each other’s needs, moving from a place of “I” to “we” to create a connected family and community. By taking a step back and approaching our interactions with mindfulness we become better listeners and are able to close that gap between us and those with whom we are communicating. It allows us to rephrase communication of others in a way that unfolds their true intentions and meanings.

Sunday, October 14th Room B 15:00-16:00 中文(为主)/English

Be the best version of yourself with Mindful Parenting, presented by Ailita

In our quest as parents to give the best to our children; the best education, the best home, the best activities and opportunities, we often forget to give them the best version of ourselves. When we don’t take care of ourselves both physically and emotionally, we are then less equipped to take care of those we love. We cannot give to others what we don’t yet have ourselves. Our emotions are contagious and our children pick up in an instant what we are projecting. If we are nervous, tired irritable, our children will mirror us and act the same. If we are calm, happy, caring, again they will respond accordingly.

Through mindful parenting we can learn to regulate our emotions and create a healthy and stable environment in which our relationship with our children can flourish. Mindfulness in parenting is after all bringing the practice of being present and aware in our interactions with our children. Furthermore it is the practice of non-judgment in our familial relationships. This non-judgment is crucial to mindfulness in that once we are aware of ourselves we must practice it to make a cognitive choice, not just a knee jerk reaction. Turning these reactions in to thoughtful decisions can be the change that stops family trauma or the continuation of potentially harmful patters that we often pass down through our family tree. Our inner world is ultimately projected on to our children making it also their inner world. We want that world to be the best for them, so we must first make it the best for us.

Sunday, Oct 14 11:00-12:00 PARENT/ CHILD WORKSHOP- FAMILY TREASURE BOX Workshop Room D中文(为主)/English

Presented by Stivi from The Fun Factory

A FUN and interactive workshop that teaches children and parents the power and the importance of creating family quality time as well as encourage you to preserve and pass on family histories, develop an appreciation for the importance of sharing family stories. 
The workshop teaches through drama and dance games, breathing techniques, mindful games and practical tools to manage emotions and improve communication skills between parents and children. 

Parents and children collaborate by designing a “treasure box” in which the outside shows events or scenes of the family. Once the outside box is decorated, participants are asks to write down or draw down their favorite family memories on small cross of paper. 
Scrolls are tied with a ribbon and inserted into the Treasure Box. 

This workshop is a parent & child only. No Ayi or grandparents please
Children age Range: 5- 8 years old. 
Materials provided.









Workshops in 中文/Chinese------------------

Sunday, Oct 14th 12:00-13:00 Workshop Room B 







Sunday, Oct 14th 13:00-14:00 Room B 中文 Chinese



Sam, 神秘学研究者,在形而上学和量子力学,玄学方面有着突出见解,并爱好道家文化,西方密契主义,古迹历史外星文明等。





















Sunday, Oct 14th 15:30-16:30 Workshop Room C



主讲人:Jack Yen Chen

 1    介绍主题:「色彩,开启你的能量运势」
 2    透过颜色的选择、文字的共鸣,找出内心的感受
 3   Q&A时间

 1   如何倾听来自心底的声音
 2   如何用色彩找回重要的自己
 3   如何做呵护练习


If you purchase 4 workshops under the same name you can attend the Ecstatic Dance for FREE!  Show your workshop tickets at the door @ 6:30pm



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When and Where

 October 14, 2018 at 10:00 AM


 October 14, 2018 at 9:30 PM

 South Bund Fitness Club, 328 BaoTun Road, Shanghai, China

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