Group Description


You want to find out what's going on these days in Shanghai´s amazing nightlife, be up-to-date on the best parties happening and want to know who of your friends is going where? You want to see the hottest event pictures in Shanghai and find out what your friends did last night? Then you just found the right place to do ALL that and even more. City Moments provides you with a unique way of exploring the city’s nightlife and interacting with your friends. We connected City Moments to Facebook to make communication easier and more efficient for you. No need for a new password and registration.

Just click on and enter the world of City Moments with just 1 click.

Being connected allows you to communicate everything you do on City Moments, such as tagging a friend, writing a comment or attending and liking an event, with your friends on Facebook. All things you do on City Moments could be posted in your news feeds on Facebook.

It´s You who makes this city special, so connect up and share your Moments with us!

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